Now Lena Dunham Gets In On The Onesie Act – But Who Is The Greatest Onesie Wearer?

04 January 2013 by

So it wasn't just us who hibernated in a onesie over the Christmas break. Our favourite stars have been snapping pictures of themselves in their cosy onesies too.

Now Lena Dunham Gets In On The Onesie Act – But Who Is The Greatest Onesie Wearer?

The latest celeb to join the comfy crew is Girls writer/director/actress Lena Dunham who 'grammed a shot of herself in an eye-catching kangaroo variety, which comes with it's very own pouch and stuffed toy. Snazzy. It' might not be one to wear out of the house, but wouldn't mind bouncing around the Christmas tree in this bright orange number.

So where did this onesie fever come from? The company OnePiece is credited with transforming the designs from a novelty item to something people want to wear, like, all the time. We have a sneaky suspicion it may also be down to some heavyweight A-List followers too...

Who are the world's greatest onesie wearers, you ask? Well, the first prize has to go to Cara Delevingne for her undying commitment to the look. We have lost count of the number of onesies she owns. Over Christmas she went for a red Santa onesie (naturally), but she also enrolled the whole Delevingne family into the onesie tribe, posting pictures of mummy Delevingne and her sisters in fetching onesies. Go Cara!

Miley Cyrus also wore a onesie on Christmas Day, chosing a leopard print creation teamed with a santa hat to pose in front of the tree. And even Mr Tailoring himself Chuck Bass wore a bright red onesie on a recent episode of Gossip Girl.

Then there's a little thing we call the 1D effect. Yep, the One Direction boys are big fans of this look, and all five of the boy band members have been spotted wearing them - at the same time, no less. The boys even have personalised 1D onesies with style icon Alexa Chung showcasing a red one with One Direction written down the leg. Yes, really, we have the photos to prove it.

For the evidence, take a look through the greatest onesie wearers in the gallery below >>


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