Natalie Joos On Her Colourful Collaboration With Kipling: EXCLUSIVE

19 June 2014 by

Natalie Joos Kipling

Natalie Joos' colour collaboration [Kipling]

As a top-notch blogger, casting agent and all-round street style queen, Natalie Joos is the ultimate woman on the move so she knows the importance of practical-but-chic luggage. And this is why it makes perfect sense for the Belgian-born, New York-based star to team up with Kipling to create her very own range of classic but unique luggage.

So why did Natalie, known for her website Tales of Endearment, want to give Kipling the Joosy touch? 'Kipling is near and dear to everyone's heart in Belgium,' says the jet-setter. 'It reminds us of our youth and the days when going to school is all we had to worry about. But today I am travelling all around the world and I need good luggage.'

Say hello to the colour-blocking compact toiletry bag, weekend shoulder bag, and two trolley sizes, all wonderfully whimsical and inspired by Natalie's love of vintage colour schemes. Plus each one comes with a white monkey charm too. Score!

With the new range available on now, we took the chance to grill Natalie on how to travel in style...

Grazia Daily: What are the three fashion essentials you always take with you?
Natalie Joos: My Tom Ford 'Anouk' sunglasses, my Adidas slides, and vintage dresses.

Grazia Daily: What's your secret to looking stylish when you're street-style snapped?
Natalie Joos: Be confident!

Grazia Daily: And how about what to wear to a swanky event?
Natalie Joos: I like every opportunity to dress up and wear a long gown. Black tie events are the best. It's the closest thing to the balls you read about in fairy tales as a kid.

Natalie Joos Kipling

Natalie Joos knows her luggage [Kipling]

Grazia Daily: Do you get nervous about people's reactions to what you wear?
Natalie Joos: Never! Who cares?

Grazia Daily: Crop tops are officially back - what's your advice for wearing one?
Natalie Joos: Please have some abs...

Grazia Daily: Speaking of which, what's your verdict on Rihanna going near naked at the CFDAs?
Natalie Joos: Again, who cares? People should do what they want, as long as it's tasteful and they wear it with confidence. Rihanna has a great body and beautiful skin, so she can pull off just about anything. I do think she exaggerates a bit. Seems she's always undressing. There is a fine line between being stylish, and showing off. She's just on the borderline there and people are getting annoyed.

Grazia Daily: So are there any trends you're tempted to try but haven't dared to yet?
Natalie Joos: I don't really like trends. I tried the culotte but they are so unflattering I didn't buy any. 

Natalie Joos Kipling

Natalie has given Kipling the Joosy touch [Kipling]

Grazia Daily: And how do you feel about Birkenstocks?
Natalie Joos: You know how I feel about Birkenstocks. I was the first one to wear them! Before Celine put them on the runway. I wore a pair of Osklen bejeweled Birkenstocks to the shows in New York that season. And since then it's been a trend, because Celine was on the same page.

Grazia Daily: Are you a fan of the selfie? Any tips?
Natalie Joos: I am really bad at taking selfies, so I think I am the one who needs advice! I have only ever posted 1 selfie on my instagram.

Grazia Daily: Finally, if you could have one fashion fantasy come true, what would it be?
Natalie Joos: That I turn into Grace Kelly and get swooped up by a Prince.

Sounds dreamy! Thanks Natalie.


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