10 Hot Instagram: Here Are Miley Cyrus' Most Liked Photos

05 August 2014 by

Miley Cyrus is one of our Instagram faves [Instagram]

Here at Instagram Pics Of The Day (IPOTD), we must confess that Miley Cyrus’ bonkers Instagram posts do brighten up our day. From selfies incorporating that infamous tongue, to ‘delfies’ (that’s erm dog selfies) to ‘belfies’ (yup, bum selfies), Miley’s feed is like another fun-filled planet. So it’s probably about time we took a space shuttle to Miley-world and checked out the pop princess’ most Liked Instagram posts...


1. The lolly

In at number one, Miley’s most Liked EVER Instagram post is a selfie (obvs) of her slurping on an ice lolly, which has earned her a whopping 1.18 million Likes! Yikes. That sure is one famous lolly.


2. Throwback

 A super cute munchkin Miley storms in at number two, in a Throwback snap with her ‘momager’ Tish. This wide-eyed pic bagged Ms Cyrus a huge 1.16 million Likes from her dedicated followers. Oh my, we do love a good throwbackthursday.


3. I woke up like this

The morning after the night before, most of us are seriously toying with, at best, ordering in pizza direct to our bed and at worst, getting a lethal injection. Miley? Hell no. She’s already taking selfies. Of course she is. And this one was well worth the hassle, as it’s already won her 1.05 million Likes. 


4. Dallas hoes

What’s not to like about this snap of Miley posing (obvs) in Dallas?! The fabulous Chanel bikini, the gold bangles, the on-trend round sunnies, the huuuge fake sun… we could go on. But we won’t. This kitsch pic earned the popstar 1.03 million Likes.


5. Hospital selfie

Never missing a photo op, a sick Miley even turns the camera on herself in hospital for a ‘helfie’ (yeah yeah, we know these are going too far now). Only MC could be given a duck head gas mask (who knew these even existed?). Well, her followers went wild for Miley, who (whilst #stayinglightlovingandpositive) achieved a huge 998,000 Likes.


6. Hello 2014!

Yikes! A fierce Miley sees in 2014 with a lil message for the coming year… ‘Yo 2014! If you ain't scuuuurd of me just ask 2013 what's up’. Well, we reckon 2014 should be terrified if 2013 is anything to go by. And this seasonal snap notches up an impressive 970,000 Likes.


 7. Getting wiggy with it

A casual snap of a pretty bewigged Miley follows closely behind in sixth place with another 970,000 Likes. Whilst we love the edgy blonde crop, this pic does kinda make us miss the long flowing locks.


8. Family fight

In at number seven is a family portrait of the Cyrus family in all their glory, during their, erm, ‘annual fist fight’.  O…k… Well, her followers certainly appreciated this festive snap and awarded her with 939,000 Likes.


9. Hollywood siren

A super glam old-school Hollywood style Miley slides into eighth place. With 80s power shoulders and lashings of  lipstick and mascara, this diva’s ‘big week’ snap has earned her an amazing 915,000 Likes.


10. The Dog Selfie

Finally, a snap of a darker haired Miley, cuddling up to her beloved husky, Floyd, who sadly passed away earlier this year, is at number 10. Since then, MC has immortalized her much missed pooch with a tattoo on her ribcage. This picture rustled up a less than shabby 912,000 Likes.


A big thanks to BirdSong for the Instagram analytics and in case you want more, more, more (and who wouldn't?!)... Click Through The Gallery Below For More Of Miley's Best Instaz Moments >>



@MileyCyrus: #TomFord #vintagechanel #breakinouttheLoubz #germany

@Mileycyrus: #wecantstop @eosproducts

@MileyCyrus: Mary-Jaaaaaannne

@MileyCyrus: HAPPY BOY! Love having insta! Now I don't gotta blow up errrrbodys twitter with puppy pics!

@MileyCyrus: Floyd makes it not so bad being sick on my favorite day of the week. I ? when he licks my ear it makes me laughhh

@MileyCyrus: PJ with Boo The Bear



@MileyCyrus: I hate leaving my little babyyyyy

@MileyCyrus: Gettin ready to hit the stage in DC! Just doing a last minute @eosproducts touch up on @freakabritt

@MileyCyrus: blonde hurrrrr errrrrrwurrrrr

@MileyCyrus: Bored playing with wigzzz

@MileyCyrus: I got that shower time showerrrrrr time selfiiiie. (A la lana del ray) #happyemas

@MileyCyrus: Happy Halllllloweeeen

Miley Cyrus – fury shoulders and white eye liner 11 @MileyCyrus: GAY

@MileyCyrus: #yummyasfuck

@MileyCyrus: Selfie in the dopest gift of all time from @madonna ? #canttellmenuffin

@MileyCyrus: #London #fuckinbangerz #imbackmafucka


@MileyCyrus: but first.... #lemmetakeaselfie #bangerztourselfie

@MileyCyrus: @waynecoyne5 #freakz #dirtyhippie


@MileyCyrus: #oslo #wukongz

@MileyCyrus: #sweetbaby


@MileyCyrus: @kenzo #belfast

@Miley Cyrus




@MileyCyrus: SELFIE GENERATION pt 1 #iwokeuplikedis edition

@MileyCyrus: she so kiewt @noahcyrus #baffroomselfie


@MileyCyrus: ending the best day ever giving emu baby a shower in my bedazzled space cap cuhhh #shhitsawig


@MileyCyrus: #housepartygreentonguefloydtats @waynecoyne5 @katyweaver #withalittlehelpfrommyfwends

@Miley Cyrus - #ladytonguecontroller

@MileyCyrus: pieceofdapiece

@Miley Cyrus: best day ever #floyd #floydispurtyflowers ##floydislove #floydshrine Floyd

@MileyCyrus: #terrysdiary

@MileyCyrus: datcunt @leesaamaree


@MileyCyrus: be found

@MileyCyrus: the back of this dress kinda changes everything

@MileyCyrus: contorted selfie

@MileyCyrus: throwbackfuckinmonday @oliviamalone

@MileyCyrus: @madonna

@MileyCyrus: #Wiener


@MileyCyrus: Denver you were suppppper rad thank you for such a rad day off #bangerztour


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