A Fashion Friendship: Charting The Rise Of Miley Cyrus As Marc Jacobs' New Muse

10 January 2014

GALLERY >> Miley and Marc's love-in

Feb 2013: Miley attends Marc's show

It was early last year than Marc Jacobs first invited Miley to his catwalk show during New York Fashion Week. The star took her front row seat next to Christina Ricci and posed backstage with new pal Cara Delevingne wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and striped skirt from the designer.

May 2013: Miley Wears Marc Jacobs At The Met Ball

Three months later and Miley was gracing the red carpet at the Met Ball in this rather revealing Marc Jacobs mesh dress. Punk-tastic!

July 2013: Miley Poses Naked for Marc's T-shirt

Then came Miley's taster of being an MJ girl when she posed for the designer's ‘Protect the skin you’re in’ T-shirt campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds for melanoma research. Oh, and she was utterly starkers. Just a taster of what was to come...

October 2013: Miley Presents Marc With An Award

At the Fashion group International Awards, La Cyrus was chosen to present Marc Jacobs and his design partner Robert Duffy with the "Superstar Award”. Naturallemnent, Miley wore a Marc Jacobs green sequin dress and looked fabulous.

Nov 2013: Miley Wears Marc Jacobs on The X Factor

Next up, we saw Miley representing the designer in the UK when she performed on the X Factor wearing a gold silk dress from Marc Jacobs' Autumn Winter 2013 collection. What an excellent ambassador! 

Nov 2013: Miley Reveals Marc Is Her Fash-spiration

Miley revealed in an interview with Hunger Magazine that [a target="_blank" href="/fashion/news/miley-cyrus-credits-marc-jacobs-for-her-style-shift-in-hunger-magazine">Marc Jacobs gives her inspiration [/a]for not only her fashion but also her music. “I work a lot with Marc Jacobs. He kind of brought me into fashion like when I was 16, that was when I started being around him and just learning from him. He kind of let me inspire some of his pieces and now I feel like its just having the right people around you”.

Nov 2013: Miley Compares 'Wrecking Ball' To Marc's Collections

“There are parts of it that of course are for a mature audience but there’s something kind of immature about it because the party’s so ridiculous, it always has to have a balance and a ying yang to it," she said. "That’s the same as ‘Wrecking Ball’. It has to be sexy and strong and that’s what I feel like with fashion, I feel like Marc does that so well.”

Dec 2013: Miley Gets Inspired By Marc's SS14 Catwalk

In December 2013, Miley shows off her new shaggy bob hairstyle, noticeably similar to the bowl-cut style bobs seen on the Marc Jacobs SS14 catwalk.

Jan 2014: Miley Showcases Her MJ Tee

On 6th January, Miley uploaded a selfie of herself wearing a Marc Jacobs T-shirt for same-sex couples rights. The top has two cartoon women with a little girl, and reads: 'I pay my taxes, I want my rights'.

Jan 2014: Miley Is Unveiled As The New Marc Jacobs Face

8th Jan 2014, Marc Jacobs reveals that Miley is the new face of his SS14 campaign. Shot by fashion photographer David Sims, Miley is sat on a sandy beach with two other models, Natalie Westling and Esmerelda Seay Reynolds - and looks ridiculously cool. Talk about a match made in heaven!

This week it was revealed that Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs's Spring Summer 2014 campaign. We admit to initally being rather surprised at the partnership considering Miley is a pop star known for her near-naked twerking while Marc Jacobs is a top-notch designer who names the likes of Sofia Coppola as muses. But then we had a look back through the fashion archives and turns out, this is one love-in that was a long time coming.

You'll remember it wasn't so long ago that Miley revealed Marc is her 'fashion mentor'. And let's not forget the star has been spotted wearing his designs on more than one occasion, most notably at the punk-themed Met Ball. And not only does MJ influence Miley's style but apparently he has inspires her music videos too.

Of course, this isn't the first time Miley has posed for Marc. The songstress got naked for his 'Protect The Skin You're In' T-shirt campaign was aimed at raising awareness and funds for melanoma research. And ever since, Ms Cyrus has been stripping down to her undies.

So let's take a look back at where this blossoming fashion friendship began. In the gallery above, you'll find the key moments throughout the MJ x MC love-in...


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