Who Was The Most And Least Punk At The Met Ball 2013 - And Who Didn't Get The Memo?

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With the Costume Institute’s Met Gala theme for 2013 as ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, the red carpeteers were already lined up for a failure. Punk may be a gigantic and defining moment in fashion but recreating it for an evening of glamour kinda takes away from it’s essence – rebellion, anarchy, a big f-you to the establishment.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Rooney Mara looked stunning in a Givenchy Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci

Do you think the original punk scene was all about staying within in the realms of the now ubiquitous codes (tartan, safety pins, lace, ripped denim, sharp slogans)? Did it really have anything to do with being prepped in makeup for six hours? Or keeping up with the latest designer labels and out-styling the next in line? No. No. And definitely no.  

Which is why GraziaDaily wanted to congratulate those who brought some genuinely irreverent spirit to their Met ensembles. It was all too easy to spot those who fell at the first obviously punktastic hurdle (most common: the quiff) – even if they did still look gorgeous. Some A-listers and fashion industry mavens didn’t even seem to take notice of the dress regulations one iota – could they be the truly punk amongst the all-too-perfect crowd? Maybe. Maybe…


Vivienne Westwood: For wearing her Wikileaks revolutionary Bradley Manning brooch. It was slapdash, it had probably been printed out and popped in a plastic folder at the last minute… it was poignantly amateurish – which is precisely what her punk was the first time round. We didn’t get a dramatic foof-flashing or any such obvious punk stunt, but this was enough to cement the Dame’s place as no.1 rebellious babe.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Anja Rubik: She of hip-bone-gate once again chose a daring Anhtony Vaccarello number for this year’s Met Ball. It's punk because at any moment a boob could pop out... and it’s all the shiniest red leather… with a rockstar turned-up collar. Sounds so wrong on paper, but so brilliantly bold in real life. Love the hair, too.

 Anja Rubik Met Ball

Carine Roitfeld: Iggy Pop in a sheer polka-dot skirt and sweatshirt? Nope. It's La Roitfeld and she NAILED it. Scruffy hair, signature smudgy makeup (probably left on from a wild dinner party the night before) and a complete undone-ness makes this truly great. Of course, it’s Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.

carine roitfeld-Met-Ball- carine roitfeld-Met-Ball-

Elle Fanning: Trust a youngster to get this new punk thing right. Elle Fanning's psychedelic and homespun-looking Rodarte dress and Bowie-esque maquillage made up the right kind of rebellious. The frizzy hair indicates that en route she probably banged her head around to a bit of The Jam.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Madonna: Madge. Oh Madge. There are literally no words for this eye-popping Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci ensemble. It’s SO incredibly OTT that’s it is actually genius.  The crucifix on her bottom is our favourite part. She’s cheeky and having a right ol’ laugh – what more can you ask for?

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Miley Cyrus: Strangely understated and bang on in this Marc Jacobs fishnet gown. She really could’ve gone OTT on the punking up and chose not to. Wise.

Miley Cyrus met ball Miley Cyrus met ball


Beyonce: Beyonce’s gratuitous ‘punk’ studded belt felt entirely unnecessary when we already have the matching thigh-high boots, bosomy neckline and almost armpit-length gloves to contend with in her Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci ensemble. Sorry B, you are actually just too damn sexy to do punk.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Taylor Swift: Yes Tay Tay you are wearing a black dress and smudgy makeup, but c'mon, punk this does not automatically make. We do like the arched eyebrow glare though – effective at intimidating the boys.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

Anne Hathaway: We are not, we repeat NOT part of the Hathahaters club, but did anyone else feel like this ‘shocking’ peroxide moment was sooo contrived? Riot gurrrrl? was the aim. Barbie girl the result. We do, however, fully approve of the ‘do otherwise.

Carey Mulligan: Huh? Wha? Sorry, we fell asleep there. This yawn LBD from Carey adorned with the least dangerous looking and most sanitised safety pin we’ve ever seen doesn’t live up to her good red carpet run of late.

Carey Mulligan Met Ball 2013 Carey Mulligan Met Ball 2013

Christina Ricci: All of punk’s signifiers are present: tartan, fishnet, kinky heels, but there’s no conviction in CR’s look. She needs to ditch the coiffed hair and Hollywood starlet makeup, rip the dress in half, stick it on over a t-shirt and then we’ll be happy.

Carey Mulligan Met Ball 2013 Christina Ricci Met Ball 2013



Leelee Sobieski: Maybe it’s the Hell’s Angels slicked back hair and scary stare, but there’s something rebelliously cool about Leelee’s Dior look. Is it the austere monochrome? The mesh gloves?

Leelee Sobieski Met Ball 2013 Leelee Sobieski Met Ball 2013

The Olsen twins: The ‘can’t-put-us-in-a-box’ sibling style duo went more Gatsby than Generation X with their signature oversized flapper gowns and drowning coats. We applaud them for their totally ‘whatevs’ stance.

The Olsen twins Met Ball 2013 The Olsen twins Met Ball 2013

Anna Wintour: No other industry stalwart has the same amount of power over this one night as US Vogue’s editrix Anna Wintour, so with months of punk prep behind her how did she end up in the cutest of Chanel florals? What a rebel!

Anna Wintour Met ball 2013 Anna Wintour Met ball 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow: Did the wrong e-invite get mailed to Gwynnie? She must’ve thought the evening was all about PINK not punk. Oops! Some P.A.’s head is going to roll…. Lovely Valentino frock nonetheless.

Met Ball 2013: Best And Worst Dresses

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