Meet Our New Obsession: Jillian Hervey From Lion Babe

03 July 2013 by

Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman

Meet our new obsession: the band Lion Babe. Or more specifically, the girl who fronts this New York duo – Jillian Hervey. We were introduced to the girl with the wildest hair we’ve ever seen (and potentially even saucier moves than Beyonce) at the finale of Ray Ban’s Envision Tour party in London.

First we saw her in action via a series of videos curated and installed by art director Kate Moross. Presented on screens set up in a genuine underground bunker of corridors and secret corners located in Dalston, ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ (the band's first single) features Jillian writing around in slow-mo for a soulfully moody black and white vid – complete with her ultra-cool mirrored Ray Ban aviators aka the 'Outshine Lens'. You can watch the video below.

We then we took to the Dalston Roof Park above to hang with the hipsters and check out the view (which included our new crush in a tres petite mini-skirt looking like a total, well, babe). And with Ray Ban offering out the hi-vis hi-colour Outshine frames to the cool crowd in attendance, it wasn't long until the London skyline was lit with reflective lenses catching the last few rays of sun. Cue a zillion instagrams.

Ray Ban's 'Outshine Lens'

A great fact about Hervey: her mother is Vanessa Williams. As in Wilhemina from Ugly Betty. As in Save The Best Till Last. As in awesome!  And if you think the name Lion Babe is just because of Gillian’s impressive mane, think again. “During a safari to South Africa, I saw a lioness and had a very real exchange with the animal. At the time I was in college figuring out who I was, getting more confident in what I wanted to do,” she has explained in the past, "Surrounded by nature and seeing that lioness sparked the necessity to really own my sh*t. From there I knew I wanted to literally change myself and my hair extensions was the first thing to go. Transformation comes in a lot of different forms, but going natural really helped me love myself. The lion became a part of me."



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