Mary Charteris On Modelling For Amazon & Taking Style Advice From Daphne Guinness

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You maaay have noticed all thoughts have turned to Christmas shopping here at Grazia HQ. If we're not looking for the perfect party dress, we're dropping not-so-discreet hints about what we want to find under the Christmas tree. So it's no surprise that online shopping meccas are our current best friends. Step forward Amazon who helpfully have just launched a new store dedicated to premium women's fashion, giving us the perfect excuse to shop our favourite designer brands wtih free UK delivery.

To celebrate the launch, Mary Charteris was selected by Amazon to model the new collection. Grazia Daily popped down to the shoot to see the model-slash-DJ and niece of Daphne Guinness showcasing the creations, which are now available at The teeny tiny blonde struck a fierce pose in cult denim labels from Siwy to 7 For All Mankind, all accessorised with her super-toned abs. In between striking a pose, we grabbed Mary for a chat about everything from designing jewellery with her husband (aka: Robbie Furze of rock duo The Big Pink) to Lady Guinness' style advice...

Grazia Daily: What is it you love about Amazon?

Mary Charteris: I’ve shopped at Amazon ever since I can remember. When I was 11, I was given my first debit card and could do my first Internet shopping so I went to Amazon because it has everything and my mum was obsessed with it.

Grazia Daily: What do you shop for online?

Mary Charteris: Books, music…and I get all my Christmas presents from there so I don’t have to leave the house! I recently discovered they also sell jeans, which is amazing. Basically it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Grazia Daily: What’s your favourite jeans brand?

Mary Charteris: These ones I’m wearing are by Siwi, which I’d never heard of before, but they fit me really well. They’re really tight and haven’t stretched.

Grazia Daily: How would you describe your off-duty style?

Mary Charteris: I don’t have a particular style, but I do like to be comfy. For the right occasion, I like to go all out and dress in something I can only put on for ten minutes! It just depends on my mood, where I’m going and what I’m doing.

Grazia Daily: We've heard you might be creating your own fashion line...

Mary Charteris: I’d like to do that one day, yes. Me and my husband have just designed a jewellery range for men. We were inspired by masonic symbols, but I haven't seen it yet. It might be a disaster so I’d like to see it before I give anything away!

Grazia Daily: Why jewellery?

Mary Charteris: Because of my husband. He’s always been into jewellery and before I met him I didn’t wear it much but he always buys me long chains. We’re not talking diamond chains, we’re talking silver chains that cost about £5. He’s in a band so he dresses quite rock 'n' roll so I was inspired by his taste and together we built up a collection. I didn’t have very good taste before I met him! But he said he wanted to design jewellery so I said I’ll help him out.

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Mary and Robbie on their wedding day

Grazia Daily: A good taste in jewellery must come in handy when you're picking engagement and wedding rings...

Mary Charteris: Yeah! He asks me what I want but I tell him to choose and he nails it every time.

Grazia Daily: Do you borrow his clothes too?

Mary Charteris: Yeah, clothes, jewellery, whatever I can fit into! When we first started going out, I used to wear his trousers because he has really tight black jeans.

Grazia Daily: What's the best advice Daphne Guinness has ever given you?

Mary Charteris: We don’t outwardly talk about fashion advice, she doesn't sit me down and say, you should wear this with this. When I see her, that’s about as much fashion advice that she needs to give me! It’s very inspiring just to go to lunch at her house and see what she’s wearing or look through her wardrobe or watch her put on clothes. She is just one constant lesson.

Grazia Daily: When she got dressed it Barney's shop window, it was a spectacle in itself!

Mary Charteris: Exactly! She also held an exhibition at the Fashion Institute in New York of all her clothes, people are obsessed!

Grazia Daily: Including Lady Gaga...

Mary Charteris: Oh yeah, crazy!

Grazia Daily: Did you see Gaga at Phillip Treacy's show?

Mary Charteris: I saw her when she opened it, but didn't meet her. The show has such a great vibe because you don't normally see a fairground hat on the catwalk! Normally when I’m watching a fashion show, I’m thinking, 'Where’s the theme?' but this one didn't need one, it was just really fun. I also felt like I was partying with my family because I’ve grown up with Phillip. It was all about him so I thought, 'It’s not your show Lady Gaga so see you later.'

Grazia Daily: Today you're shooting for Amazon - how does it compare to walking on the catwalk?

Mary Charteris: Shooting is less nerve wracking because you can make a mistake. When you're doing a show, the feeling afterwards is so cool but it’s so tense just before.

Grazia Daily: So how do you calm your nerves?

Mary Charteris: I don’t, I just get nervous! But I also get excited. It’s like a nervous excitement so it’s good nerves and that makes you want to do it even more and try even harder not to fall over!

Grazia Daily: And what’s your dream show to walk for?

Mary Charteris: Paris Fashion Week is my favourite so probably Paco Rabanne. That would be great.

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