Mark Wahlberg And Kate Moss 'Couldn't Stand Each Other:' Marc Jacobs Interviews Calvin Klein For Interview Magazine

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In the latest issue of Interview Magazine Marc Jacobs turns journalist, as he interviews the one and only Calvin Klein. The designers natter about interior design, iconic Calvin campaigns and Kate Moss. The designer also reveals that we nearly got to see David Beckham stripped down to his Calvins in a campaign with Natalia Vodianova. Oh if only.

Read below to find out our favourite bits from the 2,500 word feature...

On how he discovered Kate Moss...

'At that time, the girls were also building up their tits and doing things to their bodies that were really awful. So I thought, "It's time for a whole different look." I remember talking to Patrick Demarchelier, who I was working with a bit then. I said to Patrick that I liked a particular French actress, a tiny waify thing. So I was thinking about her. But then one day, Kate walked into Patrick's studio and he said, "I think I found what you're looking for." So he sent her over. And that opened the door for me, to a whole different type of girl. Instead of the really built ones.'

Calvin confirms that Kate and Mark Wahlberg hated each other...

When asked about Marky Mark the designer says: 'He was so great. So, immediately, we did a contract. I didn't want anyone else. But he was trouble ... Oh, my god. He and Kate couldn't stand each other.' Marc Jacobs, good pal of the Mossy, replies 'I bet. Well, Kate doesn't love a lot of people so much ... She's very picky.'

Calvin Klein had a 'tough time' with Kate...

'I had a tough time with her, too,' Calvin says. 'Yeah, from the very beginning. She had gone through some difficult times, and it sometimes came through in the work and in the attitude ... She ended up being really great, though. But the earlier stuff was part of that whole opposite wave ...' Marc replies: 'Anti-glamour.'

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[Interview Magazine: Calvin Klein]

Calvin gives one of the best Kate Moss anecdotes ever...

'What happened is that when I met Kate, and she told me that she had a boyfriend, I said, "Who's the boyfriend?" And she said Mario Sorrenti, and I said, "What does he do?" She said, "He's a photographer." I said, "Oh, why don't you ask him to come up. I'd like to meet him." So he comes up and he shows me his stuff. Obsession was going down in the toilet that time—the sales were really sliding—and the fragrance company said, "You have to do something." So Mario walks into my studio and he's got a book with him. So I said, "What's that?" And he said, "Those are my private pictures of Kate." I said, "Really? Can I have a look?" And I look at the pictures and it just says to me Obsession—he was obsessed with her. So I said, "Why don't the two of you go to an island alone and you just photograph her and let's see what happens." And that's how I got all of it. I just got so much from Mario and her. Taking a chance, taking risks with the photographers and the models ...

David Beckham very nearly stripped off for Calvin Klein

The designer reveals that we very nearly got to see David Beckham in his Calvins with Natalia Vodianova. 'I had wanted David Beckham, and we had discussions with David's people and they said, "You can have him for the rest of the world, but you can't have the U.K. because he's too popular." I said, "We do business in the U.K. What am I supposed to do there? Use someone else?" So that was a no. They weren't ready. So we got this other guy instead.'

[Interview Magazine: Calvin Klein]

Christy Turlington was the epitome of a Calvin Klein woman

'I'd always seen Christy as the epitome of the woman who was my woman—the woman who I wanted to dress—whether it was when she was 17 or today. I had her under contract when she was still in her teens. They just don't come finer than her, I don't think.' Calvin opens up about putting models under contract and having exclusivity and says: 'I had this thing about how repetition is reputation. I don't mean repetition in a bad way, but a certain continuity. Now, you and I have talked before about how you've managed to become this cult thing in the fashion and style world by changing constantly. But I did it somewhat differently. I did it by communicating this idea through the models, the photographers, the marketing, the clothes, the accessories. There was a thread that you could see from the very beginning to the end, because that's who I am.'

Then in one of our favourite moments in the interview, Calvin and Marc Jacobs talk about why shine is their favourite colour...

Klein: I had this apartment on 58th Street between First Avenue and Sutton Place. It was all black leather, charcoal gray carpeting, white lacquer walls. Joe D'Urso did it. In those days, we were into shine.'

Jacobs: I'm still into shine. Shine is my favorite color.'

Klein: I mean, this apartment was lacquered.'

Jacobs: I love it. But I'm for '70s interiors all the way. I like the lacquer finish.'

Read the full interview in Interview and see the best Calvin Klein campaigns in the gallery above...


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