Marina And The Diamonds And Designer Hasan Hejazi On Working Together: Fashion Quickfire

19 November 2012 by

Marina and the Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis has teamed up with the man who has made her his muse, designer Hasan Hejazi on a new video project titled 'Wedding Bells'. After graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2010, Hasan already has a firm celebrity following in the form of Kylie Minogue, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Nicola Roberts and he has even designed one of Cheryl Cole’s stage outfits for her A Million Lights tour. To celebrate his collaboration with Marina the designer created two bespoke dresses for the pop star to wear when she performed at London cocktail bar and music venue Baroque last week. We caught up with the fash pals to find out more...

Grazia Daily: How did you come to work together?

Hasan: Me and Marina met after she attended my fashion show in 2010 and we have been close friends ever since. It came really naturally to work together as we are both admirers of each other’s creative work. There are two parts to the project, the first is the event at Baroque in Mayfair, which started my creative process as I was inspired by the club's title and also the feel of the interior. The second part is a photographic and video project called 'Wedding Bells' which sees the marriage of designer and muse.

Grazia Daily: What did you admire in each other's work?

Marina: I think I admired that all his clothes ACTUALLY fit my weird proportions. I have a small waist and not-so-small bust. Hasan's designs are based around the hour glass shape, so it was heaven. They were the only dresses I'd ever worn that fit like a glove. In general, he has a brilliant sense for powerful feminine structures mixed with fun and glamour. His designs have attitude but have a true elegance to them. He blends the classic and modern really well.

Hasan: I admire Marina’s creativity as a musician and artist and her image. She portrays sophistication but combined with a very playful, fun side. I am also a great fan of her music and her individuality as a pop star, I endlessly listen to her music.

Grazia Daily: Hasan, when you're designing for Marina what do you keep in mind?

Hasan: I keep in mind Marina’s great figure and silhouette; she has the perfect hourglass figure so I make sure to accentuate this. I also think about Marina’s personality and how she performs. She has a strong style and really looks great with colour which I love.

Grazia Daily: Marina, what's the best bit about being a muse?

Marina: I use fashion and clothing as props, almost, to help inspire or complete a concept, so I'm usually just interested in how a dress comes to fruition, much as a song would. There's also nothing bad about getting custom-made pieces...

Grazia Daily: And which other musicians most inspire you?

Marina: I like uncompromising females. People who make me want to be stronger. I like Shirley Manson, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey and Madonna.

Hasan: I listen to lots of music, mainly pop which I am not afraid to admit. I grew up listening to Madonna and the spice girls and they still inspire and excite me today.

Grazia Daily: The shoot had a wedding theme, what are your top wedding fashion tips?

Marina: Haha!! No idea. Just wear something dark and easy to hide wine stains on.

Hasan: Generally I think less is more. Elegance is key so I think simplicity is always good for hair and make-up. I like to see brides look naturally beautiful. I love a full length cathedral veil to.

Grazia Daily: Who is your ultimate style icon and why?

Marina: I'm not sure if I have a style icon. I do love Pam Hogg a lot in general though.

Hasan: Madonna just because I love her. There are so many looks and eras to choose so you’ve got it all with Madge - Grungy, sexy, playful, serious, demure and sophisticated.

Grazia Daily: What three items should every girl have in her wardrobe?

Marina: Heels she can walk in, a very good quality winter coat and some kind of sparkly dress.

Hasan: A little pink cocktail dress, classic nude stiletto heels and a cropped evening jacket.

Grazia Daily: Which shops do you rely on?

Marina: The Outnet and Net-a-Porter! I travel so much that I spend all my money online shopping in the middle of the night in a hotel in Utah and then arrive home the next week to a whole new wardrobe and a letter from my accountant.

Hasan: Browns or Dover street market for creativity and inspiration and Cos, Reiss or Adidas if I want to buy something for myself to wear.

Grazia Daily: What's been the highlight of your career so far?

Marina: I don't think I have had one yet. I did like meeting the Queen though.

Hasan: I would say being able to work with some great people from the industry like Rankin, Tim Bret Day, Marina and so on. It’s great when such talented people see your vision and jump on board to be part of something with you.


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