After Mariah Carey's American Idol Performance, Check Out Her OTT Style File

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Fresh Faced Mariah

Working her classic 1990's curls and oozing sex appeal in one sassy red dress.

Mariah Working One Major Crop Top Look

Who said that a crop top wasn't enough flesh on show? Mariah throws a thigh high split skirt into the mix for good measure.

What Should One Wear To The Airport? Double Denim Of Course.

And what do you accessorise double denim with? Black shades of course. Go on. Release the diva within.

Brown Tights Gate.

"Flesh coloured? Nah. Black, even? Nah. I know I will go for the brown!" A decision many woman from the early 1990's has lived to regret.

Leaving Claridge's Hotel And Taking The Rug With Her #rugChic

Feeling a touch cold Mariah? Obviously grabbing the rug on the way out is the only option.

Young Mariah Working Early Body Con

The crucial question here is, Mariah who is your pal in front? #babeTown

'Werking' Embroidered Jeans

Obviously embroidery on the jeans is just not enough detail, a little bit of ripping at the hem and a sassy tight vest is the way forward.

At The Diva VH1 Event, 2000

Denim? Check! Heels? Check? Oh I Know What I need, A Sequin Barely There Top. #natch

Performing At G-A-Y In London

Taking on Michael Jackson's one white glove look, Mariah goes all glamazon and teams the look with two almost naked dancers. A strong look.

Dressed As A Mermaid For Her Halloween Party, 2003

Move over Ariel, it’s all about Mariah The Little Mermaid. All together now.... "under the seaaaaaa"...

Mariah Avec Boom Box

Just casually walking down the street, busting out some tunes, as one does.

Posing With Santa

All that needs to be said here is, "All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuuuu."

Mariah At The Soul Train Music Awards

Oversized denim and a bit of crochet, worringly enjoyable.

At The Sundance Film Festival 2002

An all in one and a cowboy hat, a natural combination for any diva.

In Fashion Consultation With Anna Wintour

MARIAH: "So Anna do you like my LBD?" ANNA: "Well darling...."

Joining The Navy In 2000

On tour and encouraging the nation to join the navy, what a national treasure.

On Stage And Working The Bomber Jacket

So many earthy tones, so 1990s!

Leaving The Mandarin Hotel In 2001

The t-shirt sums it up in one word: 'delicious'.

Walking The Dog In Central Park.

Taking style tips from Reece Witherspoon circa Legally Blonde, Mariah opts for an uber girly chic for a Central Park dog walk. Obviously heels are ideal for a casual walk.

The Tour Looks

The ultimate time for any diva to let her taste for decadence run wild is on tour and Mariah knows that an extra feather here and there is sometimes just the ticket.

The 2013 Mariah Carey

Mariah is now an undisputable diva with the lungs to match, and with that comes a wardrobe where the phrase 'too much' rules supreme.


Mariah Carey hit the stage last night for the finale of American Idol, performing an array of her greatest hits. Whilst we were wondering what Nicki Minaj’s reaction would be, we also re-discovered our love for the greatest diva of all. Mariah is well known for her love of things which are a ‘little too much’ but my god don’t we just love her for it! So take a look at our gallery of Mariah Carey’s greatest fashion moments and raise a glass to the Queen of Excess! The only thing Mariah needs to complete the look is a selection of her trademark hand gestures, to reinforce the statement, air grabs at the ready ladies...

Check Out Mariah's American Idol Finale Medley Below


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