Margherita Missoni Is Auctioning Her Personal Wardrobe On!

16 November 2012 by

Fashion royalty Margherita Missoni has had a clear out of her extensive wardrobe and you're in luck, yesterday she put lotsa pieces from her personal collection up for sale on

Over 70 pieces are up for grabs, including gowns, accessories, coats, jumpers and more. It won't come as a surprise that all but one of the items are by Missoni. The exception is a vintage blue daisy jumper that her grandmother bought her from a market in London in 1997 (how adorable). Margherita said that at the time the hippie, grunge style was back in fashion and daisy jumpers were all the rage. We'll take her word for it.

But these aren't any old never-been-worn clothes - every single piece has a special significance for Margherita, which she talks through in the video below. A cashmere sweater reminds her of living in New York and she explains why a blue and white dress she wore to a Gala is so special to her. Meanwhile, the iconic mini lurex patchwork dress always reminds her of the Missoni campaign starring Kate Moss [below].

Margherita Missoni's Personal Wardrobe Is For Sale

Margherita said of the sale: 'Sometimes life has really been too generous with me, this is definitely the case with clothes: I love them so much, they are one of my great passions and I have looked after them with great care, but now it's time to release them and the energy which surrounds them.'

The fashion princess certaily doesn't feel the need to hang onto all her clothes (why would she when she can create a whole new wardrobe?). 'Life is a constant give and take - the objects we have, in fact, never really belong to us, we're just keeping them for their next owner,' she says. How very philosophical of you, Marg.

Watch the video below and look through the gallery above to see which items are up for grabs - and happy shopping!


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