Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue Reveals Her Style Tips & Shows Us Her Winter Wardrobe

03 December 2012 by

With the Christmas party season upon us, who better to turn to for some style advice than Rosie Fortescue? Grazia Daily raided The Made In Chelsea star's wardrobe and discovered her top tips for winter dressing, whose style she's loving and exactly what it takes to be a Chelsea girl...

Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue Reveals Her Style Tips & Shows Us Her Winter Wardrobe

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Grazia Daily: Aside from filming Made In Chelsea, what are you working on at the moment?
Rosie Fortescue: I'm developing an app for my blog,, so users can get more information about what I'm up to and what I'm wearing. It'll launch just before Christmas and is free to download so perfect for the party season.  

Grazia Daily: And it'll be a great chance for us to buy your amazing outfits...
Rosie Fortescue: Exactly. I blog about what I'm wearing on the show and try to wear clothes that anyone can access and that you can buy immediately. I wear a lot of Zara, for instance, although because of filming schedules, the pieces aren't always available when the show is aired.

Grazia Daily: Do you take note of people who comment on your outfits?
Rosie Fortescue: I do. A lot of the time I get great feedback on my blog and now I'm getting asked for advice. I have pale skin so people specifically go there just to ask where they can get a certain foundation or lipgloss I'm wearing. It's really sweet and I'd rather be accessible to them than distant.

Grazia Daily: So you're a beauty guru too?
Rosie Fortescue: Yes, I love beauty products and am really into nail varnish. I paint my own nails rather than getting manicures, but I'm too shaky to paint anyone else's! My favourite shade at the moment is Essie's Bahama Mama, which is a deep purple. I also love Mavala's nail polishes because they're so small and perfect for keeping in your bag. I love playing around with different lipsticks and enjoy brightening up an outfit in the evening with a deep red lipstick.

Grazia Daily: Do you have a favourite outfit from the show?
Rosie Fortescue: I wore a dress by a new designer that I came across called Bill + Mar. Their pieces are covered in colourful prints and although I'm not usually good with colour, I feel more vibrant wearing their designs.

Grazia Daily: Is there anyone inspiring your style at the moment?
Rosie Fortescue: Miranda Kerr. She does daytime casual incredibly well just by wearing jeans with a printed Equipment shirt, but at the same time, she can pull off a sexy leather dress. Either way, she never looks like she's tried too hard.

Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue Reveals Her Style Tips & Shows Us Her Winter Wardrobe Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue Reveals Her Style Tips & Shows Us Her Winter Wardrobe

Style appreciation: Rosie and Millie

Grazia Daily: Millie Mackintosh told us she'd love to raid your wardrobe...
Rosie Fortescue: I'd raid hers too! I'd also raid Mark Francis' because his tailoring is spot-on. We were filming last week and he was wearing this beautiful white shirt with a huge white bow and it was so perfectly starched, it was incredible.

Grazia Daily: And who on Made In Chelsea needs a style overhaul?
Rosie Fortescue: I'm not into dresses but a lot of my fellow cast members like dressing in a girlie way. That's just not for me.

Grazia Daily: What are the essentials for being part of the Chelsea crew?
Rosie Fortescue: It's important to be clean-cut and well-presented with nice nails. That doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of time or money or do it everyday; it's more about being confident in what you're wearing and knowing what clothes suit your body type.

Grazia Daily: Would you consider designing your own line?
Rosie Fortescue: I would love to but I don't want to rush into it. It's something I've been thinking about but I really want to invest time in it.

Grazia Daily: What could we expect from a Rosie range?
Rosie Fortescue: It would definitley have to involve tailoring and statement jewellery.

Grazia Daily: And which designer would you take inspiration from?
Rosie Fortescue: The necklace I'm wearing is by Joomi Lim, who's a New York-based designer. It's pretty but the spikes make it harsh so I'd love experiementing with different textures, like mixing silks and leathers.

Rosie's style tips

... for a Christmas party: I have a pair of velvet navy trousers from Mango which I'd wear with a matching blazer over a silk shirt. Or you can sex up the look by just wearing the blazer with a necklace, a flash of skin and a pair of heels. Androgenous can be sexy too.

...for a first date: I would wear ankle boots rather than full-on high heels; you don't want to look like you haven't tried too hard when in reality you've spent hours raiding your wardrobe for the perfect casual outfit! I'd also wear leather trousers, a smart top and a blazer. 

...for a job interview: I have so many blazers but a printed blazer with a pussybow blouse that isn't too prim would be perfect. I'd wear a cute burgundy skirt from Kooples so the outfit doesn't come across as serious office wear and it ensures you'll stand out and be memorable. Definitley don't wear all black otherwise it's too morbid!


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