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As summer is rapidly approaching, we can't stop thinking about jetting off on our summer holidays. The flights are booked, we've started our holiday wardrobe wishlist, but there is one small problem - the 20kg suitcase limit. And who better to turn to for packing tips than Louis Vuitton? The house creates the most luxurious luggage and arguably created the first ever piece of modern luggage with the slat trunk in 1858.

They now offer an Art of Packing, one-to-one service in their New Bond Street Maison which teaches you how to be a master packer. Fashion blogger Shini Park of Park & Cube visited the new Louis Vuitton Munich store and before jetting off, was taught by an expert how to pack her Louis Vuitton suitcase in store. Here, Shini shares the five packing lessons she learnt exclusively for Grazia Daily...

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Shini of Park & Cube's 5 packing tips

I've always associated packing as a chore, but ever since learning the subtle art of packing, I've been hooked on getting it right. It's all about playing with the building blocks, and experimenting with the things that you always take with you on your travels. Ultimately, it's all about getting to your hotel room and knowing you can change into a different outfit straight out of your bag! I personally found myself coordinating my outfits better, and learning how not to over, or under-pack!

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1) Start with heavy, irregularly shaped items such as shoes, bags and your washbag to form a foundation for packing - this helps to distribute the weight evenly throughout the bag, which prevents items being damaged in transit. Pop the shoes in dustbags and place in the outer edges of the suitcase, soles-facing. Then layer your washbag and bags in the space between. Add in small items such as belts into the shoes!

2) I'm personally all for rolling - jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, jersey dresses... not only does it keep your clothing from wrinkles and unsightly fold-lines, but you can also fit much more into your bag. For thinner garments roll again lengthwise into a 'bun' and place them into gaps to add extra protection for bigger items.

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3) When packing shirts, it's important to turn out the collars, pair it with another shirt, folding it backwards into one another. This provides padding, which means less creasing! Once you get to the hotel, hang the shirts in a steamy bathroom and give it a couple of curt shakes to pull into shape.

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4) Jackets/blazers are tricky. What I like to do is fold the jacket backwards, then pull out one of the arms through the other, turning the jacket inside out. Then gently fold into half. The arm inside another arm will provide padding and inverting the jacket will minimize dirt and creasing within the suitcase. Otherwise, place the jacket on a light coat-hanger and into a garment cover bag.

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5) Leave the delicate pieces for the very end. The bag is most airy just under the lid, so it ensures the least amount of creasing, and a few good layers away from dirty shoes and potential leaking. Try pairing dresses with skirts and folding them together, like the shirts. Now is the time to add in the bulky/awkwardly-shaped items, simply wriggle the lid down!

Visit LouisVuitton.co.uk to learn even more about the art of packing, as you can watch videos guides showing you how to fold everything from jeans to dresses to shorts.


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