YOU Voted Liverpool The Most Stylish City In Our North West Street Chic Fash Clash

26 April 2013 by

Earlier this week the fashion battle commenced! In the latest issue of Grazia you’ll find a 7-page section dedicated to all of the brilliant things to see, do, drink, shop, eat and simply enjoy in Liverpool and Manchester. These two cities are known for their major fashion scenes, dedicated stylistas and cool street-spotting potential. But who has the very best style? We sent Style Hunter to each city to investigate – and gave you the final say.

And you did, by voting Liverpool the most stylish city with nearly 70% of the vote. Take a look through the Style Hunter pics below and let us know if you agree...


L-R: Aleisha Swindell, Claire Jessica Tighe and Hollie Christian

From punk-meets-1940s-lady mash-ups to styling out spring with a little gothic twang, Liverpool’s best dressed girls aren’t afraid of creating a strong look and taking it through to their expertly finished hair and makeup. We are impressed…


L-R: Rebecca Holdsworth, Marianne Russell Smith and Jessica Jervis

And in Manchester casual was the order of the day. But casual certainly doesn’t equal boring for these snappy dressers. Cue statement-making feather coats, leather leggings, velvet pants and denim dungarees.  Good going girls…

Even with sub-zero temperatures and relentless snow the dedicated best-dressed of Liverpool and Manchester are just as good at defiantly rocking a crop top as they are at interesting layering techinques.


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Laura Cox (Tue Apr 23 18:29:13 BST 2013): I currentlt live in Liverpool as I go university there.Liverpool has so much to offer in terms of style and fashion but the so called stylish city that is Liverpool also has alot to answer for, with regular sightings of complete fashion disasters! Sorry Liverpool I shall have to be disloyal, I vote Manchester!
Belinda Shaw (Tue Apr 23 19:08:59 BST 2013): 100% LIVERPOOL!
Sally Stevenson (Tue Apr 23 20:53:36 BST 2013): Manchester all the way
Nicola Rush (Tue Apr 23 21:40:51 BST 2013): I don't know where about u went in liverpool but us scouse girls are much better dressed than them in picture I vote the real liverpool fashion not these lolxx.
Tiger Make Up (Tue Apr 23 23:15:13 BST 2013): Liverpool For Make-Up, Hair and Fashion.
Stephanie Kelly (Tue Apr 23 23:31:24 BST 2013): liverpool girls do not dress like that.
Faye Cathy Dean (Wed Apr 24 00:12:57 BST 2013): No idea where you went in Manchester, but I don't find a ladder in tights fashionable or elegant. And that is not a true representation of mancunian women's style.
Karyn Dickinson (Wed Apr 24 00:21:34 BST 2013): Liverpool is more edgy..even when it is more than often OTT...they just don't give a crap what anyone thinks...that's in it's self is a fashion statement.
Catherine Ann Houghton (Wed Apr 24 06:08:49 BST 2013): Being a scouser and working in Manchester I always find myself overdressed on Manc nights out. Liverpool is much more stylish day or night!
Olga Bednarski (Wed Apr 24 10:40:53 BST 2013): all these girls dressed like homeless that fashionable? or its just me too old?
Olga Bednarski (Wed Apr 24 10:43:37 BST 2013): Ladders in tights....brilliantly "fashionable"....ITS SCRUFFY.
Victoria Holmes (Wed Apr 24 11:17:36 BST 2013): I'm from Manchester and I would vote Liverpool based on those shockers but to be fair neither of them are stylish - they all just look like scruffy students, who on earth took these photos there are much better dressed people in Manchester and I am sure in Liverpool!
Frances Swallow (Wed Apr 24 11:25:19 BST 2013): Hate to vote for L'pool when Manchestet is my home city (& BTW God's own land) but the women pictured in M/cr looked drab.
Jeanne Ludie (Wed Apr 24 16:08:13 BST 2013): liverpool definitely
Tor Tora Tora Shaw-Twigg (Wed Apr 24 16:11:31 BST 2013): Scouse style is second to None!!!!!!!
Abigail Latham (Wed Apr 24 16:24:28 BST 2013): You have to remember that grazia have taken pictures of the girls who wear clothing that features in their magazine. These girls are grazia girls. If a different magazine done this vote they would have the "stylish" Manchester / Liverpool girls.
Jenna Maddocks (Wed Apr 24 16:34:15 BST 2013): Shut your mouth you mushroom headed twat
Jenna Maddocks (Wed Apr 24 16:43:19 BST 2013): Olga you can't even spell therefore your opinion is invalid
Jenna Maddocks (Wed Apr 24 16:45:50 BST 2013): They don't dress like they've got bagpuss on their heads but you seem to like it hmmmm
Louise Malpus (Wed Apr 24 18:54:42 BST 2013): People I no from manchester do not dress like that
Ra, ra, ragacha! say you want me... Hombre! (Wed Apr 24 20:25:14 BST 2013): Where are the slippers and the curlers? proper scouse style please.
Danielle Lee Whetham (Wed Apr 24 20:57:21 BST 2013): Hahahahaha!!!
Hayley Timmins (Wed Apr 24 22:20:32 BST 2013): well sed... am from Liverpool and I thought they both look terrible... unless the competition was who can throw as much stupid clothes together! ridiculous outfits them!
Hayley Timmins (Wed Apr 24 22:22:44 BST 2013): oh will u shut the fuck up!! sick of seein ur face on everyones comments!! u chat major anal leakage... now shhh... be gone #traa
Sarah Fisher (Wed Apr 24 23:33:36 BST 2013): Not gonna lie you guys missed a treat not spotting me in Manchester sporting my Mary katrantzou suit! Northern quarter all the way!
Charlotte Mia Tighe (Wed Apr 24 23:37:16 BST 2013): Angin you, behave.
Alexandra Wright (Wed Apr 24 23:39:10 BST 2013): shut up you're called olga for gods sake, it's the same name as the dog on paul o grady
Margarita Lismore (Thu Apr 25 11:05:47 BST 2013): Charlotte Tighe "angin"?? ...enough said
Margarita Lismore (Thu Apr 25 11:07:34 BST 2013): but....look at your pic..:(
Margarita Lismore (Thu Apr 25 11:09:16 BST 2013): and Olga? lol@ dicaster..or maybe its a new version of dictator/disaster?
Liam's Hand (Thu Apr 25 13:36:11 BST 2013): Dat reply ahahahaa
Nicola Rush (Thu Apr 25 15:41:25 BST 2013): U messing jenna ? Is that all u got come back when u dont look like a cock in a frock silly bitch haha
Jennifer Gannon (Thu Apr 25 17:05:03 BST 2013): I don't think these are the best dressed on either city to be honest. But Liverpool still wins
Roy Platform (Thu Apr 25 18:06:36 BST 2013): olga your ma smokes rollies on the bog girl
Joanne Hesketh (Thu Apr 25 19:06:42 BST 2013): I think both look amazing, but being from Liverpool I have to say the scouse girlies.
Natalia Gardner (Thu Apr 25 22:12:18 BST 2013): theyre all equally as bad.
Ting Daisy (Fri Apr 26 01:25:41 BST 2013): Liverpool wins this time!
Tam Mi (Fri Apr 26 02:09:04 BST 2013): Those girls are most definitely without a doubt not from Liverpool. We don't wear curtains and golf pants. And we have much prettier hair.
Emma Louise Taylor (Fri Apr 26 09:08:47 BST 2013): Honestly???? Who cares?????? I like fashion myself but I couldn't care less who's the best!!!
Claire McVey (Fri Apr 26 15:07:19 BST 2013): Liverpool girls won x
Jayne Moore (Fri Apr 26 21:27:51 BST 2013): Liverpool of course
Jenna Maddocks (Sat Apr 27 23:00:26 BST 2013): Nicola, soz abar you with your profile pic being taken from a 'modelling' shoot you had done in 1986!
Claire Jessica Tighe (Mon May 06 16:21:00 BST 2013): I'm sorry my scruffy student style offends you Victoria! GIMP
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