VIDEO: Kim Kardashian's Masterclass In How To Pull The Perfect Selfie

28 November 2013 by

Love 'em or hate 'em, selfies have officially become a 'thing', with use of the word having increased by a whopping 17,000% in the last year. Wowzer! It seems there's no way of getting away from the Instagram borne phenomenon (since Instagram's launch, over 57 million selfies have been captured and posted to the hashtag #selfie), with people even taking selfies at funerals (yes, really!). But if you're going to do it, you may as well do it properly and now, thanks to Instagram pro Kim Kardashian and her tip filled video, we all can. Why thank you oh photogenic one.

The Kardashian klan have perfected the selfie to a freakishly inhuman level, with Kim recently coining the term 'belfie' with THAT swimsuit selfie that signalled that she, her pre-baby body and that famous posterier was back! We don't blame Kanye for his 'COMING HOME NOW' reponse when he saw the photo. But all ifs and butt's aside, how to perfect the selfie? According to Kim K:

1) Always hold the camera higher than your face

No double chins or up-nose shots please.

2) Know your angles

We've all spent hours perfecting our photo faces, gazing into the sharp end of a custom-designed app, and snapping away. Learn your angles and a perfect selfie could take minutes. Imagine that!

3) Lighting is key

It's not just for the models and / or Tyra Banks to scream at ANTM hopefuls.

4) Refrain from pulling the duck face

We've seen enough pouting to last us the rest of our days. Now if only she'd share her style tips too.

5) And then press it

It's easy to get consumed by perfecting your pout, but don't forget to actually take the photo. Then all you need is a pretty Instagram filter et voila!

Thanks for the masterclass Kimmy. Watch the pro pull her best selfie in the video below...


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