Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Rate Kate Middleton, Rita Ora & Victoria Beckham's Style: VIDEO INTERVIEW

18 November 2012 by

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Anyone notice the Kardashians were in town last week? Yup, it was nothing short of hysteria when Kim, Kourtney and Khloe brought their special breed of glitz to our shores and launched the Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins. 

Grazia Daily was lucky enough to [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/11/08/kardashian-kollection-at-dorothy-perkins.htm">meet[/a] two out of three of the glamazon sisters in a swanky suite at the Dorchester Hotel. It was there that we grilled Kim and Kourtney on everything from their glossy style to a certain Duchess.

We also wanted to know about Kim co-ordinating her outfits with Kanye West - which, she insists, is mere coincidence - and whether he really is her stylist. 

There was also time for our favourite game: Fashion Jury! We asked the girls to give us their verdicts on our icons-du-jour from Rita Ora to Victoria Beckham.

Click through the gallery above to see their verdict and check out the video for more from the gorgeous KKs...

Kate Middleton


Kim: 'I love her. I think her style is so sweet and approachable and she just seems super friendly.
 I love how she did it with the red hat, I feel like hats are extremely popular over here.  

Kourtney: 'I think too that the hat makes it hers and it makes it like, who else could pull off wearing this hat with this dress except for her?

Rita Ora


Kim: 'I love her style. I was wearing those boots yesterday. She is so cute. She has really individual style like she just puts something together her own way.

Kourtney: 'I think it works too, she’s young and she can do anything she wants.'

Victoria Beckham


Kourtney: 'Her style is really sophisticated but fun and edgy but not too over the top.'

Kim: 'She is really simple and sophisticated.

Kourtney: 'But also different, you know, not too crazy where you are like what do you have on?  She knows how to do it right.

Kim with Kanye West at the 2012 BET Awards


Kim: '[Kanye] was doing a performance so everyone that he was performing with was wearing all white. I wasn’t planning on going to the award show and I had just brought that dress a week before, it was still at the tailor, and he was like ‘please come’ and I was like. "I have nothing to wear. Oh wait, I have that one white dress."  So it was just random.'

Kim and Kanye at Stephane Rolland's couture show


'I had gone to a fitting and I knew I was wearing that dress and so I put it with something black and simple.  [Kanye and I] are pretty simple though so it’s not really hard to match because colour wise, I think we just wear such simple colours now that it’s pretty easy to match.'

Kourtney on partner Scott Disick

Kourtney: 'He is so opinionated on what he likes and he's so picky. I swear I’ll pick things in a store and it’s like the opposite of what he likes - I’m like, "this is so you" and he’ll say, "it’s so not".  I think he just is so into his style himself that no one can tell him what to do.


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