Khloe Kardashian On Raiding Victoria Beckham's Wardrobe And Dressing North West: EXCLUSIVE

24 October 2013 by

The world has gone Kardashian Krazy this week thanks not only to THAT mega engagement and Kim turning 33, but also due to the sisters' first collection with Lipsy. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are bringing their wares to our shores yet again with a smokin' collaboration that launches today (go, go!) and is packed with those Kardie signatures from leopard print and red lace to a dash of faux leather. Kim has already chatted exclusively to us about North West's insane designer wardrobe and now Grazia Daily has nabbed another member of the glossy-haired trio, Khloe, to talk everything from being an auntie to dressing like her 'mom'...

Khloe Kardashian with sisters Kendal, Kim and Kylie [Instagram]

Grazia Daily: What made you want to work with Lipsy?
Khloe Kardashian: Lipsy is synonymous with slick celebrity parties and has such a big following. It's such a style pioneer in the UK and the Kardashian Kollection fits in perfectly. We're so excited to be a part of it.

Grazia Daily: Do you have a favourite piece?
Khloe Kardashian: Every piece in this collection is something I’d want to wear and makes me feel glamorous so I didn't know what to wear first! We have this gorgeous motorcycle jacket that's all sequins and looks so luxury but it’s at such an affordable price. We are doing a TV tour today and they only show you from the waist up so I’m wearing that. You'll probably see me in it again like five or ten times!

Grazia Daily: What's your top tip for party dressing?
Khloe Kardashian: I do like to be in sequins or metalics because I feel that’s very holiday-ish and so it makes you feel like special. But my biggest tip is to put shapewear underneath everything to smooth everything and make you feel held together.

Grazia Daily: Is it hard to squeeze each of your personal styles into one collection?
Khloe Kardashian: Yes, kind of because we all have very different style at the same time. The skater skirt is very Kourtney, the fitted, sexy bodycon dresses are what Kim would wear and the biker leggings are more my style, but we have all designed each piece. And that’s the great thing – we have one collection but with three very different approaches.

Khloe Kardashian Lipsy Interview Khloe Kardashian Lipsy Interview

Khloe Kardashian showcasing the Lipsy collection [Lipsy]

Grazia Daily: Speaking of which, do you coordinate your outfits before a big event?
Khloe Kardashian: Sometimes even when we don’t call each other, we all end up in the same colour. People think we plan it, but we don’t. Kim and I have lots of the same pieces, and so we will call and be like ‘what are you wearing?’ not because we want to coordinate but because we want to check we aren’t wearing the same.

Grazia Daily: Sensible. So have you ever worn the same outfit?
Khloe Kardashian: One time my mother and I were wearing the same thing!

Grazia Daily: What happened?
Kourtney Kardashian: I was like ‘ok I’ve got to go home and change’. My mom thought it was so funny and was like, "let's go!" but I just had to go back real quick!

Grazia Daily: You know Kate Middleton borrows her mum's clothes so it wouldn't be too much of a faux pas!
Khloe Kardashian: Oh really? My mom does have the most awesome vintage pieces from the '80s like Chanel belts and really phenomenal dresses that you can't resist but steal.

Grazia Daily: And do you share style advice with you younger sisters, Kylie and Kendel?
Khloe Kardashian: No, I beg them for fashion advice! They are so cool and trendy, but they are teenagers so I can’t dress like them. Kylie will come over to my house and be like, "Okay this is what you have to wear tonight!" So she'll put my outfit together, it's so funny.

Watch the Kardashians x Lipsy

Grazia Daily: You guys have been sporting a lot of glasses recently...
Khloe Kardashian: When I started doing The X Factor, I found out that I needed contacts but they really irritate my eyes and I hated my glasses that the Doctor gave me so I found those red frames and loved them. They are actually really cheap, like $30,  and I got the lenses changed to my prescription. I would rather wear cute than ugly glasses!

Grazia Daily: It's all about geek chic after all.
Khloe Kardashian: It is!

Grazia Daily: As for British icons, whose style would you love to raid?
Khloe Kardashian: Victoria Beckham. Doesn’t she seem like she has everything? I bet her closet is like a department store. I'd be fine just to have her accessories! Or her husband. Or her kids... or everything from that perfect life!

Grazia Daily: Speaking of families, how's Kim enjoying being a new mum?
Khloe Kardashian: She's doing phenomenal. It’s amazing how wonderfully she's adapting to mummy-hood.

Grazia Daily: Are you excited to be an auntie again?
Khloe Kardashian: So excited, it’s the best job in the world! Not that it’s a 'job', I just love having the title. I can't wait for her to get older so I can hear her voice.

Grazia Daily: Are you looking forward to dressing her up?
Khloe Kardashian: Oh my, yes, if Kim will let me! When Kourtney was a new mummy, you couldn’t get your hands on Mason, but now I get to dress him up.

Grazia Daily: So maybe designing kids clothes will be next?
Khloe Kardashian: Maybe, you never know!

Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy launches Thursday 24th October at Lipsy stores nationwide and online at


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