Everything That Happened When We Went To The Kate Moss X Topshop Launch

30 April 2014 by

[All pictures @grazia_live]

Kate Moss x Topshop finally launched last night with hoards of people heading to the brand's flagship store on Oxford Street to witness its arrival. And we're not just talking a few super fans, we're talking CHAOS.

Confused commuters stared out of bus windows wondering why every last bit of pavement around the shop was bustling with people. A two-hour-long queue of stylish shoppers wound around the store, phones in the air to get a snap of Kate. Infact the girls at the very front had arrived at the store at 12pm ready for Mossy's arrival at.. err… 6pm. Commitment. 

Here's what we learned at the launch of Kate Moss x Topshop.

1. Kate still likes to keep things short and sweet

The first clue Kate was about to appear in the shop window? Nick Grimshaw poking his head out of the store doors to get a look at the crowd. The second? Cheering. Lots of cheering.

The duo hit the stage together. Rather than have a loooong catch up, Kate just simply told us she hoped 'there's something for everyone' before handing over to a performance from Duke Dumont. 

2. Queue selfies are a thing

TBF if you were taking part in a moment of fashion history AND you had two hours to kill, you'd totally take a selfie.

3. Staff weren't sure if Kate Moss was coming until she stepped on stage

'It has been really really busy,' said Rosie, who'd been giving out wristbands to queue members. 'The girl right at the front of the queue is obsessed, she couldn't wait to get a picture and she just kept asking "she's going to be here, she's going to be here, right?". But we weren't sure she was going to be here until she stepped on the stage!'

4. Topshop treated queuers to an absolute feast

Olives, cereal bars, frozen yoghurt, Lola's Cupcakes, crisps, popcorn, chocolate, Pop Chips and Union Jack Honest burgers were on offer to fans waiting in line all afternoon. By 6pm though? All that was left was water.

5. Phillip Green invited his college students

'We actually go to Phillip Green's college so he sent an email around,' said queuer Lauren, who goes to the Fashion Retail Academy. 'He gets more contact with the second years and does a Topshop project we'll be looking forward to. We love Kate Moss! We're excited for going out dresses and fringing.'

6. Super fans exist

'Kate's been a style inspiration since I was 14,' shopper Noor told grazia. 'I love, love, love her and Johnny! I did the quiz online and it said the bits of the collection I should buy are the blazers and black pieces so that's what I'm looking for.' 

7. This is the best daughter ever

Kings College student Abiola was waiting in the two-hour line to bag the collection for her mum who's a big Kate Moss lover. 'My mum's obsessed,' she said. 'So I was like 'mum, you're at work so I'll go'. I'll take pictures and show you and buy times 2.'

8. Security was tight 

While no-one had tried to sneak in, a few cheeky queuers had tried the 'I'm just looking for my friend' trick, but security guards Mark and Magic (yep) had the entrance to the store on lock. The lads didn't manage to get a glimpse of Mossy when she arrived as they had to keep their eyes on the crowd. And they certainly didn't cry with excitement like one fan at the front of the queue. 'Big boys don't cry,' said Magic. 

9. You better have elbows at the ready if you want to shop Kate Moss

General consensus amongst shoppers was that - while they weren't prepared to run to the pieces they wanted ('have you *seen* these shoes?!') - they were more than ready to stand their ground when it came to getting what they were after.

10. And of course, everything is gorge... 


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