Kate Moss Set To Star In Access All Areas Documentary!

19 November 2012 by

Coming hot on the heels of Mossy’s uncharacteristically revealing Vanity Fair interview, news that Kate is set to star in a documentary has us beyond excited. While there is no word on release date, Kate’s people have confirmed the supermodel is allowing a film crew to follow her around as she embarks on her global book tour to support the release of her Rizzoli coffee table book.

The least likely reality TV star of all time has displayed a new-found openness which has left us hanging on her every word and while we’ve relished reading her confessions, there’s so much more we still want to know. Here at Grazia HQ we’ve come up with a wish-list of the Top 10 Kate Moss revelations we’d love to get the skinny on….So Kate if you’re reading, c’mon put us out of our misery!

1. We can’t get enough of Johnny Depp ‘n’ Kate

Mossy has already confessed to crying endlessly after they split but we want to know more about Mr Depp as a boyf. Was he romantic? Did they have some crazy nights on the tiles? What was his banter like? Oh to be a fly on the wall…

2. What is married life Moss-Style like?

While we can’t see Mossy donning a pinny and working the Dyson, we want to know if she ever has a go at cooking Sunday lunch. Or is kitchen sups more about cavier and champagne? We’d love some tips on homemaking from Mrs Hince!

3. What it’s like to ‘Get Mossed’?

She’s already admitted her friends are wary of ‘getting Mossed’ aka ending up on all-nighter and waking up with no idea where you are when you are. We DEFINITELY want to get Mossed up with her.

4. What’s Kate like as a mum?

Is Kate like a BFF mum or more strict and stern? How does she roll with her mini-me?

5. Which beauty treatments does she go in for on an average month?

Because yes we ARE going to stalk her dermatologist.

6. What’s it like getting ready for a night out at Casa Moss?

We’re imagining a soundstrack of Wham! and a bottle of Grey Goose – basically rock chick heaven.

7. Does Kate ever kick off her heels and give into the slanket (no judgement here)

We want to know what’s on Mossy’s TV schedule!

8. We want to see/spend a day in her wardrobe

Please, please, pretty please! We imagine the moss-drobe to be a slightly messy Aladdin’s cave of couture, vintage and hip staples… But we may be wrong – perhaps she has a Cribs style organised walk-in closet?

9. What’s in Kate’s fridge?

We are betting on a case of Veuve and a six pack of red stripe – but she might surprise us with some healthy treats – surely no one can looks as good as her on a diet of Rusters burgers?

10. Does Kate ever gym?

Is there a secret personal trainer behind that kick-ass physique? If so can we please get their number?


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