Kate Moss On Being a Fabulous Scapegoat and Her Enduring Appeal

09 May 2014 by

In the first of a new SHOWstudio series of interviews which focus on the models who star in some of fashion’s most iconic images, photographer and director Nick Knight has spoken with Kate Moss about her collaboration with Corinne Day.

Subjective - Kate Moss interviewed by Nick Knight about Corinne Day from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

The conversation starts with Kate's iconic Face cover shot by Day, which she now says reminds her of her 11-year-old daughter Lila, ‘It is so cute, it reminds me [of my] daughter [she] does that smile now, her nose wrinkles up. It just seems like 100 years ago – so many lifetimes,’ explains the supermodel.

Kate describes the atmosphere of the shoot and admits she felt deeply self-conscious about her body at the time, ‘It was her [Corinne’s] first proper shoot – she didn’t really know what she was doing either. It was funny but at the same time I was really embarrassed about my body – very, very self-conscious. I was 14, 15, still at school...-but we didn’t get The Face in newsagents then in Croydon,’ she says. 

Kate Moss shot by Corinne Day

Kate also reminisces about the era-defining shot of her in a pink vest and undies – an image which she says still hangs in her bedroom. ‘Corinne was like ‘I wanna shoot in your flat,’ she recounts. ‘We had a room you know, me and [photographer] Mario Sorrenti and we were really young – we had a mattress and a chest of drawers and that was all. That’s [sic] the kind of knickers I would want to wear – I didn’t wear push up bras and G-strings or expensive La Perla underwear. I didn’t feel sexual at all, it was very ‘I’m at home in my knickers’.'

As for the flak she’s got over her career for her svelte figure she agrees that she’s always eaten and that her skinny frame was the result of being, ‘just really young. I mean my daughter is like, tiny. My mum used to say ‘I was as skinny as you at that age’ and I was like, ‘yeah right mother’. And that’s what my daughter says to me. It’s just age I think – when you’re a teenager….- and I was working. In fashion back in the day they didn’t feed you. The jobs I was doing they didn’t have catering. [It was] just chips or whatever.’

Indeed Mossy says still she gets a bad rep even from her friends, ‘I’m a fabulous scapegoat, she laughs, ‘They [the press] still do it. Friends of mine still do it – ‘I was out with Kate, it’s her fault I’m hungover.’ And I’m like, yeah right, I didn’t even see you!’ They’ll still use me.’

She also appears baffled by her enduring appeal and ability to sell magazines. 'I know, its weird though, innit?' she muses, 'I don't understand. Let's not question it..!' 

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