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40 Cute Kate And Wills Moments To Wish Them A Happy Second Wedding Anniversary

GALLERY >> 40 cute Kate & Wills moments

1. Striking a pose at their wedding in April 2011

2. Nattering with the Obamas in May 2011

3. Going matchy-matchy in military gear in June 2011

4. Getting their glitz on in June 2011

5. Schmoozing with J-Lo (and her mum) in July 2011

6. Sharing an almost kiss in July 2011

7. Donning their cowboy hats in July 2011

8. Going for a paddle in July 2011

9. 'You wear it like THIS, darling' in July 2011

10. Getting a cooking lesson in July 2011

11. Planting a tree while dressed in their finest in July 2011

12. Couple doodling in July 2011

13. More fancy headgear in November 2011

14. Towering over Gary Barlow in December 2011

15. Showing off their dance moves in December 2011

16. Walking the red carpet in January 2012

17. Wills protecting his wife's glossy hair in April 2012

18. Looking tres dapper in May 2012

19. Enjoying a boat party for the Queen in June 2012

20. Sporting excellent headgear in June 2012

21. Playing some footie in July 2012

22. Cheering on the Olympians in August 2012

23. Tackling some statement jewellery in September 2012

24. Sneaking in some romance whilst on tour in September 2012

25. Cheers to those tans in September 2012

26. A couples signing in September 2012

27. ...and again in September 2012

28. Pointing at memorials in September 2012

29. Enjoying the local delicacies in September 2012

30. Enjoying an awkward hula dance in September 2012

31. Getting accosted by a Chinese dragon in September 2012

32. Working matchy-matchy goggles in September 2012

33. Pretending to do some gardening in September 2012

34. Nibbling (or looking at) cookies in November 2012

35. Posing at Madame Tussauds in November 2012. Oh, wait a minute...

36. Err, doing SOMETHING in October 2012 (answers on a postcard please)

37. Wills picking up a pregnant Kate from hospital in December 2012

38. Whooping at the races in Cheltenham in March 2013

39. Time for table tennis in April 2013

40. Trying their hand at wizardry in April 2013

It’s been twenty-four months since Kate Middleton married Prince William - and what a journey it's been! One Prince and one Princess, a billion public engagements, lots of coat dresses, various royal tours, a topless scandal and one royal baby bump.

So as the couple celebrate their second wedding anniversary today, let's look back at their finest moments since becoming Mr and Mrs, from doing matching cowboys in Calgary to playing with Harry Potter wands last week.

Kate and Wills, Catherine and William, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Grazia Daily salutes you.


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