Karl Lagerfeld's Working On A Hotel! Here's 10 Things We Hope Are There

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Karl Lagerfeld left us all a tither on Monday when he held the Chanel Autumn Winter 2014 show in its own Chanel supermarket.

Featuring - 500 products from water to soda, sweets to erm.. ham - we fell in love with the installation and want to do our food shop there EVERY WEEK. Unfortunately, the hypermarche was only temporary fixture. We'll never be able to own Jambon Cambon or wipe our feet on a Channel 'Mademoiselle Private' doormat. Boo.

All's not lost though. Karl might have dashed our Chanel supermarket dreams but he is opening a HOTEL!! He signed on to design the interiors for a 20-storey high, 270-room venue in Macau. It's the first time Karl's ever gone into interiors and he's super excited about the hotel, which will open in 2017.

‘I am very happy and proud to work on such a great project,' the tireless designer told WWD. 'An entire hotel designed by me. It’s the first time for me! I think the idea is great!’

Here's 10 things we're hoping for.

1. Quilted everything

2. Tweed everything else

3. A luxury pet corner..

4. But Choupette will get her own suite, obvs

5. A sweatpant ban

6. A boring people ban

7. Coco Chanel scented pillows

8. Incredible theme rooms like this

9. And this

10. Mini bars stocking ONLY Diet Coke

Check out all the highlights from Chanel's Autumn Winter 2014 supermarket-themed show.

GALLERY>> Inside The Chanel Supermarket

Chanel does Cola!

© Instagram/SamMcKnight1

Ready for pancake day!

Hamish Bowles gets tempted by the jambon

The best water in town

Grazia's Digital Editor Jessica Vince does her weekly shop

Keira + hubby

© Instagram/AnnaDelloRusso
© Instagram/KarlLagerfeld

We grab a chat with Karl post-show to talk 'sneaker-boots' and Choupette.

© Instagram/Grazia_live

We see you Rihanna

© Instagram/Grazia_live

The resplendent Keira Knightley congratulates Karl Lagerfeld post-show

© Twitter/Ines de la Fressange
© Twitter/Ines de la Fressange
© Twitter/Ines de la Fressange
© Instagram/themisshapes

Clean up on aisle 3!

© Instagram/MiraDuma
© Instagram/MiraDuma

FROW-ers going wild in the aisles at Chanel

The ultimate doormat

© Instagram/KendallJenner

Kendell Jenner backstage at Chanel messing with Natalie Westling

Chanel rubber gloves. We repeat, Chanel rubber gloves.

Cara Delevingne shared this snap from the Chanel show

© Instagram/AnnaDelloRusso

Anna Dello Russo looting at Chanel

© Instagram/AnnaDelloRusso

Anna Dello Russo can even make a trolley look chic

Chanel model hair post show

© SamMcknight1

Cara and Lindsey backstage!

© SamMcknight1

Close up of the Chanel braids

© SamMcknight1

Cara swishing her Chanel pony

© SamMcknight1


© SamMcknight1

The model line up pre-show

So that's our Waitrose outfit sorted

It Trainer alert!!!

Now you don't get those baskets in Tesco...

Shrink-wrapped Chanel 2.55 anyone?

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Cara Delevingne shops the Chanel supermarket

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Supermarket chic

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Chic at the supermarket

© Instagram/Grazia_live


© Instagram/Grazia_live

Grazia's Charlie Miller ready for her Chanel supermarket sweep

© Jimshi809

Fall's must-have Chanel bag: a metal grocery basket trimmed in leather interlaced gold chain links!!!

© BryanBoy

Rihanna and Bryan Boy catch up on the front row

© Instagram./KEGrand

It's not just ketchup, it's CHANEL ketchup

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Kendall Jenner has made her Chanel catwalk debut. Result!

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Melanie Griffith is in the Chanel house

Jambon Cambon!

Hi there Bad Gal RiRi!

It's going to quite the maze for the models

Karl has created THE most instagrammable shop on the planet

Working at a Chanel supermarket? Not so shoddy

How can we ever shop at Sainsbury's again?!

Most asked question: 'can we actually take anything?!' Answer: no. Not yet at least. But we're heading straight for the fromage post-show

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Michelle Rodriguez is here to support Cara

Chanel EGGS!

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Anyone for Chanel coffee?

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Welcome to the Chanel Shopping Centre! The Grand Palais has been transformed into the chicest supermarket for today's show #PFW #grazia360

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Does this mean a legumes-tastic collection?!

© Instagram/Grazia_live

A spot of shopping pre-Chanel show? How handy!

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Definitely chicer than Tescos

© Instagram/Grazia_live

And the seats? Supermarket boxes, natch

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Karl does Bon bons!

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Anyone for a game of Supermarket Sweep? (and does that make Karl Lagerfeld Dale Winton?)

© Instagram/Grazia_live

Umm, chainsaw anyone?

© Instagram/SamMcknight1


© Instagram/SamMcknight1


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