What Are Josephine de la Baume's Fashion Secrets? We Talk Style & Sound With The Singtank Singer

12 June 2014 by

Josephine de la Baume [Thibaut Lafaye]

With her super cool wardrobe and hot red hair Josephine de la Baume is one of our ultimate style icons. You never know what look she'll rock on the red carpet, as Josephine can make hot pink eyeshadow and biker boots work as well as sexy sheer floor-sweepers. Josephine is a big deal in the music world - she is half of the band Singtank with her brother and is also married to Mr Mark Ronson. Ahead of the release of Singtank's next album Ceremonies we talked about her style and sound. 

Josephine has teamed up with the online retailer SSENSE to create a neon-tastic video for her first single 'Can You Hear Me' with futuristic looks from Gareth Pugh, Comme des Garcons, Thom Brown, Anne Sophie Madsen and Iris Van Herpen. The good news is you can shop as you watch, as all of Josephine's looks are available to buy on SSENSE. Cool, huh?

Read below to find out how she gets ready for big events and what it's really like to work with her brother...

Grazia Daily: Who is your style icon?

I don't have a style i con but there are women I admire Lauren Bacall, Kate Bush, Lauryn Hill are some of them.

Grazia Daily: What do you like to pack to festivals?

As little as possible as you end up never wearing anything you brought!

Grazia Daily: Is there anything you would never wear?


Grazia Daily: How do you decide what to wear for big events?

I ask my friend Valentine Fillol Cordier who is a stylist for an idea, last time she advised Alessandra Rich which I loved! Otherwise my friend Zac Posen has given me a lot of archive dresses so at the moment I don't need to think about what to wear too much anymore.

Josephine de la Baume's style hits [Getty]

Grazia Daily: How did you find working on the SSENSE Project?

It was a nice collaboration since the clothes worked perfectly with the world we were trying to portray, something set in the future with nostalgic elements, very urban and graphic. They have great designers and very extraordinary pieces.

Grazia Daily: What music are you listening to at the moment?

Mac DeMarco’s great new record, Salad Days, exciting young french bands Juniore and Saint Michel, and a lot of 90’s hip hop The Pharcyde, Tribe Called Quest, etc.

Grazia Daily: How do you think your sound has changed/ developed over time?

On the first record we worked with established outstanding producers who kind of had their sound, their way of doing things, and as a very young band who didn’t have any studio experience, we decided to go for it and trust them with it. We love the result, but on this new record we really felt the need to find our sound, the one that would give the songs we were writing their full sonic potential. So we worked for a year on finding it by experimenting with different recording techniques, instruments, effects, etc. in our record producer Samy Osta’s tiny little lab/studio in Paris. He’s the best at introducing you to sounds and textures you would have never considered for your music, he pushes you outside of your creative comfort zone until you really get something interesting. In this process, our sound has gotten a bit less pop, more raw, direct and sophisticated at the same time, somehow darker.

Josephine de la Baume performing [Getty]

Grazia Daily: What is the best thing about working with your brother?

It's great, we understand each other in a heartbeat and complement each other very well creatively. People always ask us if we fight because they do with their siblings.. I wonder if we should! I'll try and see if something good comes out of it! Honestly in our case it makes it easier to be related, we often wanna express similar things and live experiences in a similar way.

Grazia Daily: When it comes to your music videos, do you like to stick to your signature style or experiment?

I don't know that if I have a signature style! but I definitely like using Styling as another tool to explain SINGTANK's universe. The next record is about urban loneliness, digital dependance, love and lost sorrows , so we set the video in a retro futuristic environment where nostalgia is mixed with roughness, where loneliness and chaos are emphasized but with hope and poetry. And so we dressed in a retro futuristic way too.

Grazia Daily: Which is your favourite place to perform?

We had a great french summer tour two years ago, when, for some reason, we were only playing along the most beautiful beaches, we played in the Calvi Festival which is the most amazing paid holiday a band can dream of, in the splendid Roxy Festival in Biarritz and in great venus in Brittany. We’d be up to another summer coastal tour any time!


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