Introducing The Graziette! How You Can Design Your Own Dream Fendi Baguette

24 June 2014 by

The Graziette - Grazia's dream Fendi Baguette [mybaguette app]

Introducing the Graziette! Our Editor-In-Chief Jane Bruton got creative last week, designing her own (albeit digital) Fendi Baguette with the new myBaguette app. Arguably the first ever IT bag, the Italian fashion house's favourite handbag has seen numerous incarnations, being one of the most embellished, customised and retweaked accessories since its creation in 1997. The Fendi Baguette's love affair with artists, illustrators and painters has seen collectable collaborations with the likes of Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons and crafty creations like last year's 'Painter's Toile' kit (a plain white Baguette with box of paints for personalisation).

Just a sample of the be-jewelled Baguettes in the Fendi Art Gallery archives - we LOVE

The my Baguette app (for ipads and tablets - not phones sadly) is the latest techy leg of the Baguette's creative journey and, no longer reserved for the Glitterati's paintbrush, now invites the world to create their own dream designs. The app's armory of brushes, strokes and filters may just equip you with exactly what it takes to create Silvia Venturini Fendi's 'bag of the month' (this will win you a social media accolade from the bag's creator - chic, non?). Once given the final flourish, your dream bag can be shared online to provide wishlist hints to loved ones - how handy!

Should you need some creative inspiration before you get started, check out the step-by-step video of artist Nina Pandolfo creating her picture book painterly designs for her own Baguette. Just. Too. Cute. 



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