10 Hot Instagram: Here Are Cara Delevingne's Most Liked Photos

11 July 2014 by

Here at Instagram Pics Of The Day (IPOTD), you may have noticed, we do love a Cara Delevingne snap so it's high time we rounded up her Top 10 Instagram hits. Whether she's campaigning to free the nipple or treating us to a wacky selfie with Cecil The Bunny, there's something for everyone. Let's take a look at the model's most Liked Instagram moments...

Cara Delevingne Instagram: Model's Best Instagram Photos

Cara’s 10 Most Popular Instagram Snaps

1. Meet the bunny 

Cara introducing her brand new pet, Cecil, is her most popular Instagram photo EVER, achieving a whopping 593k likes and 6,000 comments. Cecil now has his own Instagram account with 105k followers. Wow, that is a LOT of followers for your average bunny. Even if he is a Delevingne.

2. A simple selfie 

A be-hatted Cara is the second most popular photo on her feed. The shot was taken during a photoshoot and showcases her marvellous eyebrows in all their glory, earning her over 511k likes. It was later doctored by Cara as part of what we're calling 'US Vogue Sleep-Gate'.

3. Mossy magic

Talk about Burberry babes! When it was revealed that Cara was teaming up with none other than Kate Moss for the latest Burberry campaign, her Insta fans went wild (and so did we). The full campaign is yet to be released but if this taster is anything to go by, it'll be cheekbones galore.

4. #bringbackourgirls

Here's proof of how social media can play a part in good causes as Cara used her Instagram power to lend support to the #bringbackourgirls campaign. The photo soon became her fourth most popular update with an impressive 483k likes. She’s certainly in good company as Alexa Chung, Michelle Obama and Blake Lively also took to social media to help bring back 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group in Nigeria.

5. Met Ballin'

In the words of CD, 'hubbahubba!'. Cara shard this snap from the 2014 Met Ball starring BFF Rihanna, designer Stella McCartney and actresses Kate Bosworth and Reese Witherspoon. With so much star power, it's little wonder it snapped up 469k likes.

6. Bed head

It's a well-known fact that Cara loves her bed and who can blame her when she's such a busy lady, racking up campaigns for the likes of Chanel, Burberry and Mulberry - not to mention turning her hand to acting and doing a bit of singing on the side. So there's more than a few photos of her tucked up in bed, including this cute one which her followers liked in their droves.

7. Met Ball BFFs

Here's another shot from the Met Ball - this time a candid shot of CD having a giggle with her pal Rihanna. Love. Them.

8. Bunny love

Cara pulled in the Likes with more bunny action, but this time it wasn't Cecil who bagged a starring role, but a random - and equally adorable - rabbit that she posed with just in time for Easter. Perhaps this was what kick-started the model's bunny love?

9. Bali Bikini

'Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time,' read Cara's bikini selfie from her dreamy trip to Bali. Who needs to send subliminal messages when you have Instagram, eh?

10. Cara’s cats 

There certainly seems to be a theme here because in at number 10 is a joyous collection of Cara’s selfies matched against cats faces. No doubt this is a collage her beloved Delevingners created for the star - although we do like the thought of her whiling away the hours on Photoshop. Either way, it received a not-too-shabby 423k Likes. Score!

A big thanks to www.birdsongdtt.com for the stats and incase you want more, more, more (and who wouldn't?!), click through more of Cara's Instagram hits in the gallery below...

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@CaraDelevingne: #regram my @garage_magazine model card @chaosfashiondotcom #garagegirls

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @karllagerfeld

@CaraDelevingne: I really want a HAWT DAWG!

@CaraDelevingne: With the wonderful Miss Moss backstage Louis Vuitton

@CaraDelevingne: Got milk?

@CaraDelevingne: Three little girls

@CaraDelevingne: LOOK INTO MY EYES!

@CaraDelevingne: Tbt my first @burberry campaign back in 2011

@CaraDelevingne: The heat is on @id_magazine


@CaraDelevingne: Painted by @austyntatiouss

@CaraDelevingne: @thelovemagazine takeover!

@CaraDelevingne: Studded love! X

@CaraDelevingne: Only with Kate, would I find myself being serenaded by Tom Jones #iwouldhaverippedmydresstoo #lookatthoselegs #epic #legends

@CaraDelevingne: Me and my watermelons

@CaraDelevingne: Let me rephrase that! My 1000th post is dedicated to baked beans, bacon and of course my delevingers! You have always been there for me, supporting me every step of the way. THANK YOU! X

@CaraDelevingne: MOUSE! #ifiwasadog

@CaraDelevingne: Chanel looks

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @kegrand @phoebearnold @thelovemagazine @thelizcollins COMING SOON

@CaraDelevingne: Last night was EPIC! Morning 2014 #ouch

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @riley.keough conventional family portrait

@CaraDelevingne: Grrrrrrrrrrrr

@CaraDelevingne: Miss you @cdelevingne @poppydelevingne

@CaraDelevingne: Mum and mini me @pandoradel


@CaraDelevingne: Ooooooozss #popchella #popdoghen @superdryglobal @poppydelevingne

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @nicolerichie ?#metball

@CaraDelevingne: @glassofwhiskey in my pineapple necklace! #lookatthatsmile

@CaraDelevingne: My granny (Gaga) with @cecildelevingne @poppydelevingne @alexanderjaffe

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @cecildelevingne @claratherabbit @kegrand @thelovemagazine

@CaraDelevingne: Paradise #bali

@CaraDelevingne: @freethenipplelives #freethenipple

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @jamielillywhite @elliegoulding @hannahsuzannelowe @mannyuk

@CaraDelevingne: Rainbow exploding out my brains #mcbusted #fishandchips

@CaraDelevingne: Beauty is everywhere! Stop searching for it

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @cabadasss @marycharteris @siennaprivate KREW love

@CaraDelevingne: #regram @fanssdelevingne

@CaraDelevingne: With my buddy Elmo

@CaraDelevingne: Face off with the wifey @ritaora

@CaraDelevingne: My new CJD (Cara Jocelyn Delevingne) tattoo by @bangbangnyc

@CaraDelevingne: What an amazing show @stellamccartney thank you so much

@CaraDelevingne: KISS ME!

@CaraDelevingne: Having a jape!

@CaraDelevingne: #regram follow @mariotestino for his amazing towel series @pharrell #PutYourRobeOn #GIRL #MTtoweltime

@CaraDelevingne: Me and my girl Jourdan! X


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