Instagram Pics Of The Day: Alexa Chung Wraps Up And Sings In French

26 March 2014 by

@SaifMahdhi: @alexachung_ tart tatin. Tartan. Tart.

@KarenElson: @balletbeautiful

@MargotRobbie: I can do it too @phoebejtonkin !! p.s. #andielovesmemore #toldmesoherself #mwahaha #stilllearninghowtohashtag #toofar? I?@balletbodies

@KarlieKloss: Snack attack! I love adding avocado and chili flakes to any dish. This is a flatbread loaded with hummus and veggies. #karlieskitchen #afternoonsnack

@MichelleRodriguez: Real deal Charro

@MichelleRodriguez: Wish I grew up with horses I've always loved them so much, but I can't ride like the Charro he's the real deal Love it bare back Indio style

@KendallJenner: my air conditioning was giving me some nice wind to work with

@KimKardashian: Getting ready for @latenightseth! Tune into NBC tonight!

@KrisJenner: Looks like fun in the photo booth on set at @latenightseth @kimkardashian ! Good luck on Seth Meyer show tonight xo #LNSM

@Justin Bieber


@CarineRoitfeld: Still have this tshirt ! Mother day présent! Thanks Vladimir and Julia

@TaylorSwift So far this week, all I want to do is paint and all I want to paint are watercolor flowers.

@JonGorrigan: Lizzy Jagger for Schon magazine

@DreeHemingway: just love me

@CharlotteOlympia: #charlotteolympia #kitty @nordstrom #thegrove

@CharlotteTilbury: Darlings, I hear what you are saying, and I respect and love your opinions… I was going to wait to unveil this, but here's a sneak peek of my beautiful new face – her name is @imtiarayoung #summersirens

@JuliaRestoin #girlsjustwannahavefun #TBT #Paris #regram @billaltaright #welovelatex

@LenaDunham: Hey all- when we post pictures of women on this page it's not so you can critique their bodies. We are all for freedom of speech but that's not how we roll here and you will likely get repooorted. Also, are you blind!? Love, Lamby

Oh, Spring, where have you disappeared to?! On the plus side, it means we can make like Alexa Chung on Instagram, and wrap up in cozy blankets whilst looking a bit whimsical.  Whilst she isn’t looking mysterious, she is sporting yet more check and singing Jacques Brel for us. A woman of many talents. Check out Saif Mahdhi’s Alexa video below...

Elsewhere on Instagram, it’s all getting a bit Swan Lake, with Karen Elson and Margot Robbie in the ballet studio. Keeping with the healthy theme, Karlie Kloss kills us with yet another reason she looks the way she does and we look how we do, and Michelle Rodriguez gets all cowgirl on us. 

Meanwhile, in the selfie-obsessed world of Instagram, Kendall Jenner uses the air-con to her advantage (ever resourceful) whilst her sister, Kim Kardashian, gets photobooth-ready at Late Night with Seth Meyers and Justin Bieber shows off his surprisingly good tattoos. No misspelt Chinese symbols on him (that we can see).

Snap-happy Lily Allen treats us to a flying lesson on Instragram (Check out Lily’s vid below) and of course a selfie of her in situ. Carine Roitfeld neatly reminds her kids (erm and us) that Mother’s Day is coming up with her handmade Mother’s Day top (can’t quite imagine our mums sporting one of those). Maybe Taylor Swift should whip a little painting up with her new found skills?

Finally on Instagram, uber photographer, Jon Gorrigan, shoots gorgeous Lizzy Jagger for Schon magazine, Dree Hemingway begs us to love her (via a Tracey Emin neon), Charlotte Olympia treats us to a purrfect evening at Nordstrom, and Charlotte Tilbury introduces her new muse, Tiara Young. Julia Roitfeld throws back to a time when she just wanted to have fun and Lamby, Lena Dunham’s dog, has an important message to give us. Random. And now we're off to wrap up, so we’ll leave you with Mr Henry Holland making like Kylie circa 1987. Check out the vid below>>

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