Inside Jenna Lyons' J.Crew Super-Chic Office: What Does It All Mean?

22 July 2013 by

There are two things that initially hit you upon viewing these shots of J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons in her office space: firstly, PHWOAR. She looks totally foxy. Secondly, those are new specs, right? Jenna’s now signature thick-framed black glasses have become almost second-skin-like; an impenetrable add-on of coolness, that not only have by osmosis found their way onto J.Crew models in presentations, lookbooks and online, but have sparked a thousand copycats across the globe. In these images her specs have taken on a more Terry Richardson guise, as a retro aviator. And before you think it, Mr Richardson did not shoot this for Self Service magazine, but Maciek Kobielski.

So what else can we learn from Jenna’s office?

Major interiors skills: The ultra-stylish Jenna has of course done a great job on the decor: chic-ing a probably average space, complete with grey tiled carpeting by popping in a retro-look rug and swapping standard furniture for something more mix’n’match. She's  not hanging paintings on a wall, but perching her array of artwork against shelving instead; this has a hint of rebel about it, non? We like all of these things and will certainly try to implement them at Grazia Towers.

She has the same amount of crap on her desk as most normal people: In fact, it even spreads to the floor, with piles of books/mags and random paper bags competing for floorspace. If this doesn’t mean she’s a normal woman with a busy schedule, nothing does.

Her computer-side accoutrements are cute: Pics of family/friends (we can’t zoom in close enough!) plus a scented candle add those homely flourishes.

It’s moodboard heavy: No wonder she's full of ideas for these supersize J.Crew collections! No inch of wall has been left corporate and bare; from fabric swatches to torn-out mag pages, Lyons’ den is heaving with inspiration.

Heels in the office are a must: There’s even a spare pair on the floor, just in case a midday outfit swap is in order.

Sometimes she has silly moments: A mad half hour? That'll probably result in this pink furry thing on her head and LOLs. Or maybe this is meeting protocol.

Carine Roitfeld may be an inspiration?: Well, she’s got the French fash ed’s tome: Irreverent, on her meeting table, in a pretty prominent place...

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