If Anna Wintour Becomes US Ambassador This Is What Will Happen...

04 December 2012 by

Anna Wintour: editrix, fashion powerhouse, tennis enthusiast, mother, wearer of many signatures…. ambassador? Rumours have been rumbling around fashion-town for quite some time now that Nuclear Winter was aiming for (but totally denying) a U.S. ambassadorship post in London or Paris. According to various sources it’s a position that may open up very soon and Obama’s administration are seriously considering the industry’s revered US Vogue supremo for it.

We all know Wintour has a passion for politics and loyally supports Barack – most notably via the fundraising dinner party thrown at Sarah Jessica Parker’s pad in June this year (you know, the one where she casually redecorated SJP’s New York home?). She’s a dedicated Prada/Oscar de la Renta/Michael Kors kind of woman, but the democratic party has even affected her wardrobe – she recently knotted a Runway to Win scarf (from a range of fashion designer pieces created specifically for the campaign) where her favourite three-string jewelled necklace usually sits.

While nothing is confirmed, we can’t help but imagine what life Anna would lead as an ambassador in London. Let’s think of the possibilities…

1. SJP becomes a regular host of AW’s tea parties, therefore needing to invest in a beautiful (and big) home in London’s Highgate alongside Kate Moss and George Michael. She makes cake-pops with Wintour’s signature bob and sunnies to bring chuckles to their haughty guests.

2. Wimbledon will erect a statue in AW’s tennis prowess and support of the very British sport.  

3. The Dorchester will create the Anna Wintour suite, where she can come and go as she pleases. Even the cleaners will abide by a strict invitation only policy.

4. Being pally with Bill Nighy means that La Wintour always has a funny and pleasing companion to bring to any occasion. He’ll wow the ladies, but have an intelligent chat with serious types, too. (Or so we imagine)

5. London Fashion Week will run on time to the very milisecond. AW arrives early for anything she’s attending, and the New York schedule is ferociously punctual, you know...

6. Victoria Beckham will become a regular on the Eurostar, dashing from Paris to London (if the rumours about David’s new signing to Saint Germain are true) to go shopping with her new bezzie, Annie. (That’s what VB’ll cheerily call her, and AW shall refer to Victoria ‘Posh’).

7. After crushes on Ben Stiller, P Diddy and Roger Federer (according to the auto-biography of flame-haired colleague Grace Coddington) we predict Anna Wintour’s next liking will turn to, erm, Andy Murray? No. Tinie Tempah.

8. She will really spoil us with Ferrero Rocher. Not really. That won’t happen, but can anyone else only think of that advert when the word ambassador comes up?


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