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'I Can’t Fall Anymore. I Just Can't!' Jennifer Lawrence Talks Tumbles At The Hunger Games Press Conference

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Today we were mere metres away from our ultimate girl crush Jennifer Lawrence at the Hunger Games press conference, where we spent half an hour in giggle fits at J-Law and her GIF-able face. The actress looked seriously chic in a monochrome crop top with black tuxedo trews, with a red poppy.

We had to ask Jen if after that tumble at the Oscars she feels nervous about walking the red carpet at the world premiere this evening. 'I feel excited now, the nerves normally start crashing in when I get in the car. When you see the amount of people.' She added: 'It does feel different when you have a movie, I love this movie so much, and I am excited to show it and am excited for everyone to see it. So I might not be nervous this time, because there is nothing to be nervous about.'

As for those high profile tumbles, how does she try and stop herself from falling? She said: 'I was just at my brothers wedding and there were stairs and I was like I can’t fall anymore. I just can't! I don’t have plans to avoid any future falls. I'm just going to use sheer willpower and focus.' As her castmates suggested runway training, Jennifer joked that she might have to attend a high heel bootcamp.

So how does she advise recovering from embarrassing moments, like falling over at the Oscars, say? 'Honestly time, there really was no magical recipe for falling flat on your face in front of the entire world and forgetting to thank your director, Harvey Weinstein on stage,' Jennifer said. 'I can’t say a certain remedy or thought made me feel better, it’s just time went by and I could stop slapping myself on the face every time I thought about it. Just time.'

[Instagram: Grazia_live]

Of course JLaw came out with some great one-liners such as: 'I am just like the worst talker in the world because I start listening to myself and go you suck.' Well we certainly don't think you suck Jen.

As for the extravagant outfits Jennifer wears in the film she said: 'I enjoy some of it. The dresses were always so lovely in a fitting and then you wear it 12 hours a day and want to burn them. I enjoy it sometimes.  Probably like every girl when their feet start hurting they stop having as much fun.'

Jennifer Lawrence started filming The Hunger Games the day after the Oscars, so we had to ask had she changed?! Josh Hutcherson said: 'Every time she would forget a line, Woody would go: ‘Oh, better give that Oscar back!’ He also said: 'She was already a big sized target, but after the whole Oscar win she became a bigger target. She didn't change at all.'

So what pranks were targetted at Jen? Jeffrey Wright gave her a Tiffany box filled with 200 crickets to congratulate her on her win, but explains 'I didn't calculate that when you stuff 200 crickets in a Tiffany box many of them spill out in your hotel room and under your bed, so I couldn't sleep! She kind of got me.'

While we wait to see what Jennifer Lawrence wears to the world premiere this evening, take a look at her style evolution below...


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