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Hollywood's Calling! Cara Delevingne Arrives In Italy For Read Through Of 'Face Of An Angel'

Back in London Fashion Week we nattered backstage with Cara Delevingne, who opened up to us about her plans to move from modelling to acting. ‘I just suddenly got one movie and then another one and then another one,’ she told us backstage at Giles. 'That's what I want to do so it's a transition I'm going to make.' Well she's doing pretty well so far, as this week it has been confirmed that Cara D will play Melanie, a central character in director Michael Winterbottom’s The Face Of An Angel.

'She’s playing a young British student,' confirmed Winterbottom to the Evening Standard. 'The character is someone who has their whole life ahead of them: young, enthusiastic, relaxed, with a real sense of energy and fun — and that’s Cara.' It has been reported that she plays Melanie, a young girl who meets a film-maker who is going through a mid-life crisis when making a film about the murder of the British student in Tuscany.


It looks like things are moving super fast, as The Daily Mail reports that Cara arrived in Italy last night for a read through with co-stars Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Bruhl. Cara said to The Daily Mail: ‘The idea I had of her is that she’s like me and a lot of my friends who are 21 and travelling around Europe.' ‘There’s something about her that captivates him [the film-maker],’ Cara said. ‘It’s very innocent. He’s missing his daughter, and he’s taken by her.’

Cara adds that she'd love to learn Italian like her character who is taking an Italian course: ‘Funnily enough, that’s what I’d love to do, and this part is a perfect excuse to learn Italian. I’ve picked up very little, but I’d like to learn more.’ She's a keen learner as she adds: ‘Even for scripts that aren’t very good. If I’m honest, I don’t care what it is. It’s an opportunity to learn. I wouldn’t turn anything down. It’s all a good experience.'

So what's next for Cara's IMBD page? When asked if she would play a Bond girl she says ‘Are you kidding?! I’d do it.’

Take a look at Cara's greatest style hits in the gallery below...


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