HILARIOUS: Henry VIII, Shakespeare And Queen Elizabeth I Get A Modern Day Makeover

02 May 2013 by

Thanks to Hollywood, our history lessons at school and the work of some very fine artists, we all have an idea of what we think past royals and iconic figures might have looked like. In the days before Instagram (we know, it's hard to imagine), portraits were painted to capture the essence, style and magnificence of these hallowed types - think royals and important contributors to society. But what would they have looked like if they were alive today?

Well, to celebrate a new historial spin-off series on channel Yesterday called Secret Life of..., a team of digital artists have been commissioned to update some classic artwork which means we get to see what the likes of Henry VIII, William Shakespeare and Elizabeth I might look like if they were alive today. It's pretty amusing and there are some remarkable similarities to people you might already be familiar with...

1. Henry VIII

After notching up an impressive six wives, Henry VIII obviously had a bit of a way with the ladies. Here he is looking rather dapper in a slick suit (Tom Ford perhaps) sporting a diamond ring - he was a fan of flashing the cash afterall. Apparently he was a vain man too so in his modern day makeover, he's looking a little tanned, with veneers and hair plugs and displays a trim figure from working out. Reminds us a bit Welsh footballer Robbie Savage and tennis impresario Boris Becker!

2. Elizabeth I

Check out old Lizzie who is a dead ringer for Tilda Swinton, no? Elizabeth I was known to be a fashion lover so is wearing a sharp power suit to display her leadership skills and it's been suggested that she would have straightened and cropped her hair for a fresh and stylish look.

3. William Shakespeare

Ooh, modern day Mr Shakespeare has a touch of the indie rock band about him. We reckon he'd be right at home in Mumford and Sons. A forward-thinking trendy hipster type ahead of the curve, it looks like Will would have been right at home living in Dalston with his checked shirt and waistcoat combo. With many unanswered questions about his sexuality, he's also been given a piercing in both ears.

4. Marie Antoinette

Who's this young minx? Only the former Queen of France! Swapping her 3 foot hairdo for a sleek down-do, she's sporting a fringe, to hide her allegedly large forehead but to show her style credentials, is wearing a Philip Treacy headpiece. Apparently also teased for having small breasts, modern day Marie has also been given a boob job. What would K-Middy say?!

Secret Life of... starts tonight on Yesterday at 9pm


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