Henry Holland On His Night Out With Rita Ora, Agyness Deyn & Writing A Novel: EXCLUSIVE

21 March 2013 by

Grazia Daily caught up with Henry Holland before he curated the launch event for Trinity Leeds, finding out why Aggy was never his muse, why he wants to write a novel and what his cheeky slogan is for Ms Rita Ora...

Henry on his FROW

'My favourite FROW-ers are all my friends and family, there was about 25 family members that came down this season. I get my dream front row a lot - I just want people who I know and love and dress. My mum’s a pretty big one and she lords it up. She’s off doing interviews for German MTV and I have to be like 'Mum, relax.' All my friends come because they hear me banging on about it for all that time. We’re all like that – I go and see Pixie if she has a gig, and Grimmy always wants us to go on the radio. He always says ‘did you listen?' We are all really supportive.'

Henry on giving Aggy Deyn design advice

'No, I don’t give her any tips. But we were out for dinner last week and I said ‘I really love your shoes’ and she was so sweet. She said ‘Oh do you? That really makes me happy that you really like them’. She’s worn Docs since I can remember, that’s her thing. It’s not like she’s just putting her name to something. She does genuinely work on it and design them. You can always tell when people who do those kind of collaborations are passionate. Rihanna’s stuff is the same, she knows who her fan base is and what they wear and she’s really given them what they want.'

Henry on Rihanna's show

'I didn’t go because it was half an hour after mine. There was talk of it but I said to Grimmy you’re DJ-ing at my party which starts at 8 and her show starts at 9, so if you go to her show I won’t have a DJ until at least 10. I was like no Grimmy, you can’t go. I chained him to the decks.'

Henry on post-show partying

'I got home at 7 the next day. I was with Derek, and Cara and Grimmy and Rita, and it was fun. After your show you are exhausted. Cara’s like 12 so she can deal with it, that’s what’s so annoying.'

Rita Ora wearing Henry Holland

Henry on Rita Ora

'I actually had never met her until my show this season. Everyone was talking about us being best friends and she walked into my party and said ‘About f****** time!’  which was funny.  We went out that night and she’s really fun. I like her style as well, she’s definitely got a level of fashion intelligence. Stylists are amazing and invaluable but if they put you in something you don’t feel right in you can tell straight away. Rita’s truthful and has got that edge – she might be wearing Pucci but she’ll wear shades and a beanie. It’s those quirks that makes someone stylish.'

Henry makes slogan tees for...

Cara Delevingne

'Keep em’ keen, Queen Delevingne. Treat em’ mean, Queen Delevingne.'

Rita Ora

‘Pick me up off the floor-a, Rita Ora.’ Which she did about three times on our night out after the show.

Nick Grimshaw

'No more breaking the law, Nick Grimshaw.'

Henry on Cara

'It's her personality. People underestimate that with models because they think it’s all about what they look like. She’s got an amazing look which is different from the norm and she’s got the striking feature which is those eyebrows. Like Aggy and the haircut. Even when she’s walking in some of the best shows she has a real smirk on her face.'

Henry on being an author

'I’d like to write a novel. I really miss writing, that’s what I did at university. Once I graduated I didn’t write that much, the jobs I had were basically writing fashion credits. That’s my retirement plan. I'm going to retire, write a book that gets picked up by Warner Brothers and then it will turn into a series of films. Then I will literally be J K Rowling. I haven't written fiction since I was a kid, but that’s what I’d like to do which is a bit weird. I wanted to run the marathon and I did that. So now I’ll do this.'

Henry on Coachella

'I'm going to Dublin, Tokyo, Australia and Hong Kong working and then possibly going to Coachella. A big group of us like Pixie, Grimmy and Aggy went three years in a row in a big house. It’s such a different thing to Glastonbury where it’s tents, mud and burger vans. At Coachella it’s vegan falafel stalls and perfectly manicured flower beds. At Glastonbury those flower beds would be like a public toilet in ten minutes. Hopefully we'll get there this year.'

Henry on stars wearing his clothes

'I always like the way Pixie wears my clothes – she has her own style. At the show this season she wore a whole look and I was really surprised because normally she’ll just wear one piece. It’s so nice dressing people you know because it is more personal. You can say ‘you look wicked’ without sounding like an idiot. It's not like sending a note to someone you’ve never met like ‘omg you look great.’

Henry on his muses

'This season it was a raving grandma who was really having it in a field with a sound system. Aggy was always quoted as being my muse, but it’s a term created by the media. It’s not like I called Aggy up one day and said ‘are you free? Wanna to be my muse?' At the time we were living together and a lot of what I was about was similar to what she was about. Each collection explores a new idea. Possibly in the future our muse could be a real life person like Diana Vreeland or Catherine Deneuve, but for the now it’s more about characters and ideas. But once a collection is coming together you definitely do think ‘oh that is a Pixie dress, or an Aggy dress.’

Henry on London style

'I moved down and then Aggy moved down and then loads of my friends who I grew up with moved to London. It is this right of passage and transition – you see them all fresh off the boat dressed to the nines, then they gradually get beaten down by London. London is just so exhausting you don’t have as much time to put into your appearance.'

Henry Holland curated the launch spectacle for Trinity Leeds, the only major shopping centre to launch in the UK this year, which opened its doors on 21st March.


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