Rihanna (And Her Photographer) Celebrates Her Birthday In Aspen And Posts 52 Snaps On Instagram

22 February 2014 by

This week Rihanna turned 26 and is celebrating with a mini break in Aspen. She's hanging out in a cozy log cabin - decorated with colourful balloons - alongside her friends and team. But she's also taken her Instagram photographer with her, so she can document the whole thing.

You know that feeling when you're on holiday and you're slightly concerned about spamming your friends with beach selfies. How many cocktail pictures is too many? Well this clearly doesn't concern Rih. So far she has posted FIFTY TWO pictures of her in Aspen. Someone is clearly on a mission to get #cabinlife trending. She's posted 22 pictures of her on skiis, 15 pictures of her in a bra and three snaps of her in a hot tub.

She's been downing shots, hitting the snow in just her pants, hot-tubbing, partying and… err.. doing a quiz with her mates?! Who knew she was such a fan of organised fun! Forget sloaney alpine-wear, Ri's doing Aspen style like only she can, rocking a full lilac ski outfit with matching lipstick and a furry hat.

The 'Stay' singer had a pre-birthday dinner in Santa Monica last week, which she sported a black leotard and floor-sweeping leopard kimono for. We wonder how long she can keep the celebrations going - she has been using the hashtag FebruaRIH, so it could be a while. Here's 10 reasons we want to be celebrating Rihanna's birthday with her...

1. Because it started with a meal 3 DAYS before her actual birthday.

2. And we want to swan around in Rih's coat

3. Because we'd probably be tipsy right now

4. And if we're going to lie on a floor we'd like it to be marble

5. Because SNOW

6. And balloons

7. This looks like fun

8. Because it's not even our birthday, but we wanna lick the icing off

9. Because we'd totally borrow Rih's alpine outfit

10. And who wouldn't want to be on her quiz team?


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