Grills: Could You? Would You? Rita Ora Is The Latest Star To Get Grilled

03 October 2013 by

Even the most controversial fashion items have some sort of use or purpose – Birkinstocks are comfortable, for example. Not so for grills. Yep, the metal jewellery contraption that sits within the wearer’s mouth is completely and utterly useless; but despite this, grills are growing in popularity. Now a new girl has joined the fan club, Ms Rita Ora, who took to Instagram to take a 'metal mouth selfie.'

Once upon a time, hip-hop’s most extreme jewellery fad was saved for boys and their desire to showcase bling – and apparent wealth – via every which way possible. Diamonds drilled into your teeth? This actually dates back to the Mayans, but still, pretty flashy even in 2013. Some grills are permanent, most are removable, but when 54-year-old Madonna joins a group of girl wearers – which includes Rihanna, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus  – the words 'tipping' and 'point' come to mind.

Grills: Could You? Would You? Katy Perry And Madonna Sure Do

Katy Perry gave good grill at the VMAs [Getty]

So would you? Could you? Miss Cyrus has three different grills for different occasions – some fancier and more decorative than others. But of course – day grills are surely a different type of bling beast to evening grills. Any fool knows that! “This is my chic one because it only has the top,” Cyrus says of a simple silver version she extricates from a retainer in her handbag when being interview by Harpers Bazaar US. "This is my plain gold. This is when I'm trying to be chill. I'm trying to blend in." Obvs.

Madonna never fails to find a way to shock so we shouldn't have been surprised to see her flashing a shiny smile all over her Instagram account thanks of diamond-encrusted griiiilllz. "The Grilzz Are here to. Stay! So There! If you Don't like don't follow!" the style chameleon said defiantly. And the latest pop starlet to hop on the bandwagon is Katy Perry. Never one to miss out on a bonkers trend, K-Pez arrived at the 2013 MTV VMAs in New York and gave good grill when she hit the red carpet. 

Will you be getting onto the grill? Or are they best left to the A-listers with music videos to be made? Is this a styling move too far? And does one get a speech impediment? So many questions! What do YOU think? Take a look at the stars who have got grilled in the gallery above...


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