Grace Coddington Talks About Anna Wintour's Love Interest And The U.S Vogue Editor's Softer Side!

19 November 2012 by

We've had a look inside Grace Coddington's brand new book, Grace: A Memoir and found an absolute fountain of Anna Wintour gossip in there! From dishing the dirt on Anna's secret crushes, to her former dress sense, the flame haired creative director of US Vogue has opened up on it all. Peruse our fabulously bulging gallery of gossip for all the details...

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Lunch With Anna

Every so often I have lunch with Anna at her request. These days, though, I get worked up beforehand, usually thinking, 'This is finally the time she'll say, "You're getting on a bit. You're looking tired. I think you should take it easy,"' as a prelude to gently asking me to step down. In fact, the last time we went out, I dared to say, 'I thought you were going to tell me to leave.' At which point Anna laughed and said, 'No, as long as I'm here, you will be, too.' (Photo: Getty)

Anna And Her Children

“I care whether anyone - from the mailman to the dry cleaner - likes me. Maybe that is my weakness. But not Anna's. She does, however, care very, very much about her children. If one of them comes on the phone, I've watched her melt, which is not something you very often see with Anna.”  Photo: Anna and Bee Shaffer watching Roger Federer together at the US Open (Pacific Coast News)

Anna's Crush On Ben Stiller

"I think (the Ben Stiller shot by Annie Leibovitz for a couture story in Paris) was decided upon, really, because Anna had a crush on Ben. She gets these occasional crushes - Ben, Puff Daddy, Roger Federer."

US Vogue's Celebrity Covers

"In the end I think Anna gave up on my styling covers since I'm not good with famous people. We used to use the occasional model, but the sales difference was so marked between them and celebrities that it's now 100 per cent pop and movie stars. Fashion is just a part of what the magazine stands for today, which may be hard on old-timers like myself but is definitely the modern way. I'm grateful to have lived through the 10 years or so I did at American Vogue when fashion was the most important element."

Anna's Speech On Grace

Anna's speech at Grace's 70th birthday party? "To me you will always be the heart and soul of the magazine, its guardian at the gate, its beacon of excellence. For about as long as I have edited Vogue, one person, Grace Coddington, has made me excited to come into the office every day…' (Photo: Wenn)

Anna Hides Behind Her Hair

(On when she first met Anna in the 1970s) "She wore layer upon layer of oversized baggy knitwear by the Scottish designer Bill Gibb and many other layered knitwear pieces by the fashionable Italian label Missoni. I don't remember her face so well because she seemed to be constantly hiding it behind layers of hair, too." (Photo: Goff Photos)


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