Gossip Girl Fashion: Coloured Tights, Blair Bands, Black Make Up And Bow Ties

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So that's it Gossip Girl is over, as the final aired in the US last night and it will be shown on iTV2 tomorrow (sob). We have just one hour left of scheming, boyfriend swapping and couture gowns left on the Upper East Side. On Wednesday we will FINALLY find out how the Chuck and Blair, Dan and Serena sagas will end.

[a target="_blank" href="/conversation/entertainment/the-25-best-gossip-girl-moments-ever--weddings--cameos--catfights-and-more">[/a]As it's all so nearly over we decided to take a look back at the best fashion moments from the show. Look through our gallery above to see the Upper East Side's hottest trends from Blair bands to bow ties to eyeliner.

Oh and just in case you've lost track of all the scandal and don't know your S from your B, be sure to check out [a target="_blank" href="/conversation/entertainment/the-25-best-gossip-girl-moments-ever--weddings--cameos--catfights-and-more">our top 25 moments of Gossip Girl.  [/a]

Blair bands

Blair's headbands are one of the biggest fashion trends to come out of Gossip Girl - there is even a Facebook page dedicated to Blair bands.

Dressing like a gentleman

School kids normally wear Kickers and satchels, but not this trust fund baby. Chuck dresses like a 70-year-old in suits, patterned ties and tartan.

Chuck Bass in a onesie

Ok so it might not be a GG trend, as a onesie only made it onto the Gossip Girl set once. BUT this is one of the best things that ever happened to the Bass so we couldn't ignore it could we?

Bow Ties

Even the girls wear bow ties on Gossip Girl - the white shirt, black tie and jacket is a classic Upper East Side look. Unless you're Dan and you just look like a cater waiter.

Audrey vs Marilyn

The big guys at Gossip Girl are fans of the dream scenes.... and who are S + B in their dreams? Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, bien sur. S's dream where Marilyn and Audrey are fighting over Dan has to be the oddest thing to ever happen on GG.

Dressing like a fruit bowl

We do love Blair's bright prints... but sometimes she does look like a fruit bowl in lime, lemon and orange.

Chuck and his pets

So he's tried every accessory there is: bow ties, scarves, walking sticks. So why wouldn't he pair a duck with his navy suit?

Blair's hats

So in season one it was allllll about the Blair band, but when she left school and went to NYU Blair entered the world of hats.

A rainbow of brights

New Yorkers are often known for an all black black uniform, but not these girls as they wear a rainbow of bright colours. A boring LBD is as likely as Chuck riding the subway. 

Colour-blocking tights

Red, purple, green and yellow tights sound pretty dreadful, but the kids of the Upper East Side jazz up their school uniforms with a rainbow of 60 deniers.

Always accessorise, even for sports

For PE at Constance they don't have to take out their earrings, scrape back their hair and wear ugly gym kits like at normal schools. For hockey they pile on belts, headbands and patterned socks, as PE is just an opportunity for an afternoon outfit change.


As the series go on we have seen more and more of Serena. Bodycon is her uniform and even when in a floor length gown she seems to be, well, naked. Maybe this is a hangover from the 'bad Serena' we hear about each episode.


Gossip Girl started off with Serena wearing a gold strapless gown to Cotillion. The beautiful gowns kept coming as B + S are cosy in couture. B has been spotted in this exquisite blue Elie Saab gown from the S/S 12 collection.

You can never be too dressed up

Blair wore an Oscar de la Renta gown to a train station - hardly normal. But so what she also wore her wedding gown to the airport. On the Upper East Side a DMC has wayyyy more impact if you are wearing couture.

Dan's hair

When we first meet Dan he has a buzz cut but then as the story lines spiral out of control so does Dan's hair. Maybe it's something to do with trying to be a writer. But come'on dude, get a haircut for the finale. Please?

Little J the designer

Not only do 16 year olds wear couture in Gossip Girl, they also make it. By our calculations most of the cast have worn a Jenny Humphrey creation. One even sneaked onto Eleanor Waldorf's catwalk show...

Guest stars

On Gossip Girl there are lotsa guest stars, including Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks and Liz Hurley, and they each have their signature styles. Hilary Duff had a trilby planted on her head for almost every scene and Liz Hurley tried to out bodycon Serena.

Matchy Matchy Couples

The whole 'dress like we're soulmates' thing might be a new trend in the celeb world, but they've been doing it on Gossip Girl for at least the past three seasons.

Royal Wedding

There are lots of weddings in GG, and if you've seen the latest pictures from the set it looks like the show could end with, you guess it, a wedding. The show even had a royal wedding to rival K Mids, and Blair made a beautiful bride. She EVEN let Serena have some attention in this stunning blush Maid of Honour gown.

Jenny Humphrey goes dark

We're stlll not sure what's more shocking - that Jenny started dealing pills or that she wore those ratty hair extensions. Need proof of the decline of Jenny Humphrey? One word: eyeliner.

Unlikely fashions

Sometimes the makers of Gossip Girl throw us a surprise - and we're not just talking about Dan and Serena sharing a brother or Bart rising from the dead. The weirdest looks we have seen on GG include when Blair wears an I heart NY T-Shirt and Georgina dresses up as a Catholic priest.

Masquerade Ball

The masquerade ball is very important to Gossip Girl - as not only does it allow the cast to hide behind pretty, pretty masks but also lets them be even more incestuous than usual. Nate tells Jenny he loves her, thinking it's Serena, because they swapped masks. As if the Gossip Girl love lives aren't confusing enough without mistaken identities....

School Uniforms

Constance and St Judes are hardly strict when it comes to uniform as the gang wear glitter, extravagent headbands, knee high socks and jazzy scarves. As time goes on (like everything on the show) the uniforms get even more ridiculous.

B a Princess

Kate Middleton might wear high street, but not Princess Blair. After she married Prince Louis out came the big dresses and tiaras.

S+B's Paris uniform

When S + B when to Paris they strolled along cobbled streets snacking on Laduree macaroons. Blair wore a beret and Serena wore a caged mini dress. No bodycon S? Quelle horreur! They should have relocated Serena to Paris - it was without a doubt her fashion peak.


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