Giles Deacon on Pants, Kendall Jenner And The Power of Cara Delevingne: EXCLUSIVE

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Giles Deacon on Pants, Kendall Jenner And The Power of Cara Delevingne: EXCLUSIVE

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On the day of the launch of his latest naughty collaboration with underwear brand Ann Summers, Grazia Daily caught up with quite possibly nicest man in fashion Giles Deacon. What did we learn? Well, Giles loved working with catwalking babes Kendall and Cara for this season’s show. Also news to us is that, in Giles’s books the bush most certainly isn’t back. Read on for more, as well as the designer’s exclusive thoughts on his new line.

Grazia Daily: Be honest, what was your first thought when you were approached about designing underwear?

Giles Deacon: Honestly? I loved it. I mean, I’ve never done a full range of lingerie before, which was scary, but I’ve been wanting to do something on the high street for a little while. It’s hard as I also wanted to do something different. The opportunity came through a mutual friend of myself and the CEO of Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold, and I just thought ‘wow, well that’s different’. We’ve been working on it for close to nine months now and I hope we’ve managed to produce something that stays true to the Ann Summers values of erotica, fun and aspiration.

GD: What do you think your underwear says about you?

Giles Deacon: SO much. You’d be amazed at the amount of closet Ann Summers customers there are. Last night I saw Elizabeth Saltzman, the editor at large of Vanity Fair, and she said: ‘I love it, I’m coming down, I want it [the collection], I want so much of it’. When you get feedback like that from someone like her who works with people pretty high up like Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s amazing. Word of mouth is so powerful, I never like to underestimate it as you can very quickly hit a large amount of people. 

GD: True. Did you have any ‘pantspiration’ in mind when you created the line?

Giles Deacon: I had a good ask around all of my girlfriends and the feedback that I got from them is that they all want something very different at different times. You obviously want – and need – something you can wear to work, but then also something playful and more dominant for the bedroom. What I like on a woman is something that leaves things to the imagination. It’s all about not having it all on show at once – everyone loves the reveal – and there’s plenty of that in this collection.

Giles Deacon On Ann Summers Collection, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne

GD: How often do you think a woman should buy new underwear?

Giles Deacon: Well I’m always surprised from girlfriends of mine by the fact that they buy underwear very very frequently – twice a month, sometimes more. The thing that amuses me most, though, is that most department stores that do well in the city position their underwear near the door between 9 and 10.30am. You know, to attract a certain woman that hasn’t stayed at home the night before… How phenomenal is that brand targeting? [laughs].

GD: Apparently the bush is back. What do you reckon?

Giles Deacon: Shepherd’s Bush? [laughs]. I think whatever rocks your socks. Most of the girls I know have a wax, and the same with my clientele. If I pluck one person at random, Rihanna for example, I don’t think there’s much bush going on there. The same with Rita Ora, I’ve fitted her so I know exactly what’s going on down below.

GD: Good to know! Speaking of Giles' gang, tell us about having Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne in your fashion show.

Giles Deacon: Kendall was gorgeous, an absolute treat to work with, and as for Cara, well, she’s totally adorable. She’s an old friend – I say old, I mean, she’s only twenty one – but we get on so well. She’s so sweet that I forget how powerful she is, she’s sort of manufactured her own social media whirlwind complete with millions of followers. She was with her phone backstage in the lineup when she just said to me: ‘Giles, would you mind if I take a video when I walk down the catwalk?’. I was just like: ‘F**king yes. Brilliant. Get out there and do it.’ It went bananas. I found it quite hilarious really, it was in The Guardian that Burberry clocked in at number one as a fashion brand using social media during fashion week. They put out hundreds of tweets and Instagrams on show day, while we put out just four (one of which was Cara’s selfie video). So I guess there are two things to learn there. One: maybe we should do more, and two: the quality of what you put out is most important. 

Giles Deacon On Ann Summers Collection, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne

[Ann Summers]

GD: Agreed. Finally, who would you choose to model this collection?

Giles Deacon: Gosh there are so many dream women. I would say anyone from Liz Hurley to Rita Ora. Nicole Scherzinger would look awesome in it too. And obviously David Walliams. But then again, I’m not sure we do David’s size…


The Giles Deacon for Ann Summers collection goes onsale today May 1 2014. It is available from all Ann Summers stores nationwide. See the best bits in the gallery below...



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