From Butching-Up To Full-On Fake Tan, Here's 10 Ways Julien Macdonald Is Dealing With Strictly Come Dancing : EXCLUSIVE

01 October 2013 by

In this week’s issue of Grazia, Julien Macdonald exclusively talks to us his Strictly Come Dancing experience thus far. Before he Vogue'd his way onto Saturday night tele last weekend, we chatted to the designer-turned-cha-cha-cha pro-in-the-making, and as well as divulging quite a few of his interesting training techniques, he also revealed just why he signed up in the first place. Here’s what you need to know about the man who’s making the show sparkle even harder…

@julienmacdonald: Amazing night last night! Had so much fun dancing to Vogue @jmanrara #goteamsparkle #scd [Instagram]

1. He’s butching up: Julien has already been working out with his personal trainer David Evans, but there’s more to be done. ‘My professional dance partner Janette [Manrara] always shouts “Harder harder, butch-er butch-er!” because male dancers are like iron rods, so masculine, and that’s what stops it from looking camp.’ So far, Julien has already shed almost a stone in weight.

2. Nike women’s leggings are his new uniform: ‘Janette needs to see my legs, and she couldn’t through tracksuit bottoms, so I’ve adopted running tights from the women’s collection at Nike… Training at Sylvia Young, surrounded by these amazing students, I feel like I’m in Fame!’

@julienmacdonald: Can't wait to cha cha cha to VOGUE tonight. Strike a pose! #GoTeamSparkle #scd @bbcstrictly @jmanrara [Instagram]

3. The aim is to dance on holiday: ‘We’ve all on been on holiday, seeing people cha cha cha-ing and salsa-ing and I’ve never been able to do it. I love Latin dance and I’ve always wished to do it, and so hopefully by the end of this journey when I do go back to Rio or Mexico I can join in with the locals!’


Julien's Gina S/S'14 show shoes and rehearsing [@julienmacdonald Instagram]

4. After training he still goes to the studio: With fashion week arriving just before the SCD live shows, it’s no wonder Julien has to stay involved in the studio work at his atelier. His S/S’14 showed a noticeable amount of dancer’s mesh and sequin acton…

5. Botex isn’t off the cards and the beauty regime has begun: ‘The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with getting [Botox], you need as much help on this show as you can get. My teeth have never been so white in my life. They’re gleaming.’ And in addition to the sparkling teeth, Julien’s deep St Tropez tanned is being layered upon as we speak.

@julienmacdonald: Sneak preview of my first strictly sparkly outfit! #goteamsparkle #scd [Instagram]

6. There’s never have enough crystals: Even with a ban on getting involved due to professional bias, Julien has not only become the ‘official unofficial fashion expert’ to Strictly’s other contestants but he can’t resist adding to his own ensembles. ‘I say to the costume department, look, just put as many on mine as you can, because the less the judges and audience see of my feet and arms the longer I’m going to be in the competition. I’m even putting extra Swarovki crystals on in my breaks. I think by the end of it, I’ll end up like Liberace!’

@julienmacdonald: Strictly glitter balls. My first show in 4 days! #Excited! #GoTeamSparkle [Instagram]

7. He’s turning into a superfood king: ‘I have a routine; in the morning I drink a supergreen smoothie. I take cod liver oil, omega three, spirulina, chloella... as many as I can. Then I go home and have a hot bath with Elemis’ Muscle Ache soak.’

@julienmacdonald: On set, only one day left to practice before the first live show! cha cha cha #scd [Instagram]

8. He wants to bust the fashion designer stereotype: ‘I think people have a stereotyped idea of fashion designers and sometimes people don’t realise that we are human beings: that we work hard and that we can see the fun side in life. I just hope people get to see I’m throwing myself out there, I’m not hiding any secrets and I’m not the best dancer in the world but I’m trying to get better. Whether it lasts for one week or two weeks, three, five… I don’t know, but I’m just going to have fun and enjoy it and be myself.’

9. Kylie and Elle MacPherson could visit any day now: Both Kylie and Elle have been on blower to Julien, expressing their interest. But now he’s getting recognised on the street, too!

10. But he's not sure he's he'll be Beyonce any day soon...: ‘It’s one thing designing for celebrities like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera but when you’re in that position yourself and physically moving and dancing, it’s like oh gosh, really? It’s fun, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. And my back is killing me!’


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