Alexa Chung Pokes Fun At Her 'It Girl' Status With New Book - What Else Can We Expect?

11 June 2013 by

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Will it include holiday how-tos?

Alexa Chung, Grimmy, Pixie Geldof and the gang go on the ultimate hipster holidays, taking their iPhones to the beach. We predict a chapter about how to hit the beach Chung stylee.

An original Chung doodle or two?

Alexa Chung often shares her doodles on her Instagram page, including this 'Sparkle Head' test pattern for her book. The inside of the cover perhaps?

Tips on how to be an 'It' girl?

What I'm Wearing pictures are what Alexa Chung does best. We expect It will include a montage of her most imaginative outfit posts, plus we'd like to see a run through of how to pose like the Chung

Will it be oh-so-arty?

This is the girl who doesn't just take a picture, she art directs it first so it is Instagram ready. Alexa often tweets snaps of paintings that caught her eye and her own whimsical sketches, so her book will be a hipster art lesson.

When it comes to interiors, it's all about candles

Alexa has been keen to point out that this isn't just a fashion book, but a lifestyle guide. When it comes to interiors, it's all about the candles.

Some old school diary entries perhaps?

Alexa often tweets pictures of her time before she discovered Mulberry and breton tees, but she also shares doodles from when she was small. We're thinking these adorbs diary sketches will find their way into her lifestyle bible.

It's all about the eye

The book cover includes a picture of Alexa's eye, but when we checked out her Instagram feed it seems she is obsessed with eyes. Could this be a theme?

There's got to be some foot selfies

Alexa has a weakness for flats, often posting 'foot selfies' of her shoes of the day. We're sure her beloved Penelope Chilvers palm tree shoes will make their way into the style bible.

Here's hoping for a flashback chapter

Alexa Chung is a fan of the flashback Friday hashtag, posting pictures of herself when she was small, retro techonology and vintage heroes.

Will there be a surprise or two?

Just when we've cracked Alexa Chung's Instagram DNA, she posts a picture of Grimmy in her dress, coat and heels.

We can't wait for Alexa's take on music

In the book blurb we're told that it will include Alexa's take on love and music. Well she did date Artic Monkeys' front man Alex Turner and has her own music show 'The Fuse.'

Will the pages be scattered with famous quotes?

Alexa snapped these quotes which she had scribbled onto an envelope - perhaps stored away for her book? We imagine that Alexa is one of those girls who stores quotes in notepads - so we expect at least one Albert Camus quote.

Forget the critics, the back page can be packed with her famous pals

Her famous pals often make cameos on her Instas, so rather than book critics sharing their view of the book, we reckon Henry Holland, Pixie Geldof and the Delevingnes will tell you why you must, must, must read this book...

Alexa Chung told us back in November that she was nervous to reveal any details about her upcoming style book because 'it's like handing in the world's homework,' but she's finally plucked up the courage to handed in her hard work. Yes that's right, we can finally see the world through Chungster's breton loving eyes with her debut book.

The Alexa Chung style bible is called It - which we're guessing is a hint to her it-girl status. Unless it's a nod to her top notch Twitter, IT skills. The book is available to buy on September 5 for £16.99, but if you want to skip to the head of the queue it's available to pre-order on Amazon right now. We spoke to Alexa Chung back in November at the British Fashion Awards about her fashion bible and she said: 'It's not reeeally a style book. See, I think maybe it should be a style book because everyone presumes that it is so I'm missing a trick.'

alexa chung, book, it, it-girl

So what's the deal? Well in the Amazon blurb it is described as a collection of Alexa's writings, drawings and photographs. It is basically an A-Z of how to live like Chung, as 'It covers everything from her thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning.' A little birdie tells us at Grazia Daily that the book covers her 'love of the Spice Girls, Dinosaurs, tips on how to get dressed as well as how to take a selfie.'

If we're judging the book by it's cover, we reckon it's a hipster-tastic coffee table book. If a cover could be run through an Insta filter this would be the result - it has a dusty pink hardback, Alexa's whimsical handwriting and a mini Instagram picture of her eye. We reckon it'll be an extension of her Instas feed - with witty scribbles and achingly cool 'what I'm wearing' shots.

See what you can expect from 'It,' using clues from Alexa Chung's Instagram account in the gallery above...


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