Vote For Your Festival Style Icon: Fashion Bloggers And Grazia Staff Pick Their Favourites From Alexa Chung To Diane Kruger

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Aimee Song

For my choice of go-to festival style, I've decided to feature fellow style blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style. I love her charismatic take on festival styling and she was kind enough to share her top tips on dressing for the occasion with me.

"During summer festivals, I like to be as comfortable and chic as possible while still somewhat layering. Instead of the denim cut-offs that most people sport, try a printed bottom or skirt and bring pattern in with a bathing suit. I love wearing a light jacket or a button down shirt so that when the temperature rises, I can tie it around my waist. Oh, and one of the most important pieces of advice I can give... Don't wear expensive sunglasses! At the last festival I attended I accidentally stepped on my sister's sunglasses the second she dropped them. Oops!"

By Reem Kanj of [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/%20For%20my%20choice%20of%20go-to%20festival%20style,%20I've%20decided%20to%20feature%20fellow%20style%20blogger%20Aimee%20Song%20of%20Song%20of%20Style.%20I%20love%20her%20charismatic%20take%20on%20festival%20styling%20and%20she%20was%20kind%20enough%20to%20share%20her%20top%20tips%20on%20dressing%20for%20the%20occasion%20with%20me.%20%20" during="" 20summer="" 20festivals="" 20i="" 20like="" 20to="" 20be="" 20as="" 20comfortable="" 20and="" 20chic="" 20possible="" 20while="" 20still="" 20somewhat="" 20layering="" 20instead="" 20of="" 20the="" 20denim="" 20cut-offs="" 20that="" 20most="" 20people="" 20sport="" 20try="" 20a="" 20printed="" 20bottom="" 20or="" 20skirt="" 20bring="" 20pattern="" 20in="" 20with="" 20bathing="" 20suit="" 20love="" 20wearing="" 20light="" 20jacket="" 20button="" 20down="" 20shirt="" 20so="" 20when="" 20temperature="" 20rises="" 20can="" 20tie="" 20it="" 20around="" 20my="" 20waist="" 20oh="" 20one="" 20important="" 20pieces="" 20advice="" 20give="" 20don="" t="" 20wear="" 20expensive="" 20sunglasses="" 20at="" 20last="" 20festival="" 20attended="" 20accidentally="" 20stepped="" 20on="" 20sister="" s="" 20second="" 20she="" 20dropped="" 20them="" 20oops="">Five Five Fabulous [/a]

Solange Knowles

‘Solange is my go-to inspiration for eclectic style. Her enviable wardrobe contains numerous unexpected combinations and this lemon covered dress, with its playful nature, is perfect for Coachella. Festivals are a great excuse to express yourself and exaggerate what you normally wear so I’m hoping for a few opportunities of my own this summer!’

Kristabel from [a href="" target="_blank">I Want You To Know[/a]

Erin Wasson

'My Festival Icon is Erin Wasson. While she’s not often photographed at festivals, she basically dresses every day as if she is going to one. Noone does cut off shorts better than Wasson or loose fit tanks for that matter. I am also enamoured with her collection of tattoos and jewellery. Plus she’s my number 1 festival hairspiration. Erin always looks authentic – she doesn’t dress like a surfer/skate chick because she’s been asked to wear a certain label, the girl actually is a surfer/skate chick. There’s a big difference here, take note Paris Hilton.'

Katherine Ormerod, Grazia Fashion News and Features Editor

Diane Kruger

'Diane is my definition of festival chic. Her look, while playing by the festival boho style guidelines, still carries a sophistication unique to her style ethos. In short, she's everything I wish I could be myself when dressing for any festival. Not one hair out of place, not one wrong accessory added.'

Emily from [a href="" target="_blank">Fashion Foie Gras[/a]

Isabel Lucas

'My ultimate girl crush; she effortlessly pulls off a vintage inspired wardrobe thanks to her laid back boho style. Lucas has an enviable talent for mixing and layering prints, textures and decades without looking like she's raided the dressing up box (Vanessa Hudgens take note!) Her feminine and eclectic fashion (think Alexa Chung meets Kate Bosworth) aesthetic make her my go-to style icon for festival fashion!'

Caroline from [a href="" target="_blank">Burkatron[/a]

Alexa Chung

'My festival style icon is Alexa Chung. She is the queen of effortless - it's like she has just got up and climbed out of her tent in the morning without trying. But, she is still always so stylish and unique, which is the perfect festival combo for me.'

Laura from [a href="" target="_blank">Logan's Runway[/a]

Rumi Neely

'My festival style icon would have to be Rumi Neely from the blog 'Fashion Toast'. She is so effortlessly cool and her Coachella outfits this year have been spot on. She seems to pull together comfortable, easy to wear looks that are still so put together and chic.'

Lily from [a href="" target="_blank">What I Heart Today[/a]

Florence Welch

'My festival style icon is Florence Welsh, I love her effortless and ethereal style. With an accessible and straightforward fashion sense, she always manages to wear the trends in a unique way. I like that she has her own look, away from the stereotypical denim hot pant trend. From floaty maxi dresses to cute co-ordinating suits, Florence makes festival style look easy.'

Aisling from [a href="" target="_blank">Fash-ling[/a]

Nick Grimshaw

'Grimmy, what a man! Anyone who wears a matching floral shirt and shorts, casually teamed with a Gucci loafer to a festival gets my vote. However I am not sure how viable suede is for Glastonbury, so maybe I will have to invest in a litter chair…'

Josh Newis-Smith, Grazia Fashion Assistant

Sienna Miller

'My festival icon is Sienna Miller, without a doubt. I remember obsessing over her 2004 Glastonbury look - the little black denim dress, worn with a studded belt and neon yellow sunglasses. The boho craze Sienna started in the early noughties may be long dead, but this outfit still has mass appeal.'

Ella from [a href="" target="_blank">Coco's Tea Party[/a]

Coachella may be over and done this year, but we've still got a whole summer of festivals on the way. From Glastonbury to Wireless, once you've got your ticket, it's time to think about that all-important festival wardrobe.

There are few who manage to tow the line between practical and stylish while retaining their dignity at a music festival. On the whole, A-list stars don't really err on the side of practical (given that they spend the majority of the weekend sipping bubbly in the VIP tent), but they do offer up plenty of fashion inspiration for us regular folk on how we can work a fabulous festival look while we queue for the portaloos.

We asked our favourite bloggers and our fashion team to tell us who inspires their own festival style choices, and it's little surprise that the names that came up are all regular festivalgoers. The Coachella crew including Diane Kruger, Solange Knowles and blogger Rumi Neely are all nominated for their individual approach to warm weather festival dressing, while Sienna Miller and Florence Welch are given a special nod for championing boho style. Who can forget Miller's 2004 look when she came close to knocking Glastonbury goddess Kate Moss off her festival throne? And let's not forget Alexa Chung, who has almost single-handedly made Barbour jackets the British festival essential. When it comes to the boys, Nick Grimshaw leads the way for his use of colour and print and daring to wear a pair of Gucci loafers to a festival - well it was a Coachella pool party after all.

Vote for your festival style icon and follow the latest festival news on our Festivals channel.


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