Exclusive: We Talk Style With Fearne Cotton At The Launch Of Her Latest Very Collection

04 August 2014 by

Fearne's Very Autumn Winter 2014 campaign

Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton has launched her latest print-tastic collection for Very with bright florals and vibrant playsuits. We caught up with Fearne at the launch of her collection at the Groucho Club last week, where we chatted summer style tips, shopping for little 'uns and got the story behind that Emilio Pucci wedding dress...

Grazia Daily: How do you stay stylish in a heatwave?

'It’s so hard! For work I usually wear something a bit more covered because it’s so cold in the studio, such as jeans and a little top. But everyday it’s hot when I'm at home I always wear something loose. I love floating around like I’m Barbara Hulanicki in the 70s or something and wear a long kaftan and be quite Bianca Jagger. I want to be loose and free – so the bra is off!'

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Grazia Daily: You always look amazing at work, how much time do you spend getting ready?

'Oh not much because I haven’t got it. My son gets up early and we are doing breakfast and then getting him ready so it’s always very quick. Say today, I had these Liberty print Vans that I thought ‘ee I can’t wait to wear them’ so I thought ‘what the hell goes with these?’ There will always be one thing that I know I want to wear and then I work around it.'

Grazia Daily: Which is your favourite piece from your Very collection?

'I’m really looking forward to wearing the turquoise jumpsuit because I find it a really flattering piece. You can wear it in the winter with a blazer and tights or in summer with some nice sandals.'

Fearne's Pucci wedding dress [Getty]

Grazia Daily: We loved your wedding dress! How did you choose your dress?

'I looked in lots of different books, went on Pinterest and looked at different shapes of dresses. I met this lovely lady Maggie Cook who does costume design with Sharon Osbourne. We talked about ideas and she brought fabric samples along. Once we had the fabric it all started to take shape. I was so happy with it in the end - I loved it!'

Grazia Daily: Is it the style of dress you'd always imagined?

'I don't really know, I'd never had a preconceived idea of what wedding dress I'd have. I just thought about how I wanted the day to run. I wanted to be able to spin, twirl and dance, so that's why it fell at the ankle. My shoes lasted till about 11pm and were then slung into a corner somewhere to be salvaged at 1am slightly drunk. I wanted to feel comfortable and look fun and a little bit different, so that's why I had the embellishment on the neckline.'

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Grazia Daily: For your fitting was it just you and your dressmaker or did you take anyone with you?

'No it was just me and the dressmaker Maggie. None of my friends were with me. I think I showed Holly (Willoughby) a picture maybe once. Then I showed my friend Sinead, who is my stylist, a picture because I trust her judgement. I just needed someone else to go 'yes that's the right one' so I showed her a picture. But not my Mum. I wanted to walk in on the day at the ceremony and it be a surprise.

Fearne's Pucci wedding dress [Getty]

Grazia Daily: Has your style changed since becoming a mum?

'It had to when I was pregnant because everything was changing shape so you have to adapt to be comfortable. Since having a baby I dress exactly the same - the only thing is on a work day I wouldn't wear a white shirt because I might get a hand print on it. But as far as my style, no nothing has changed.'

Grazia Daily: Do you like shopping for him?

'Yes! It's really fun, but again because we're always on the move practicality comes first. So really cute jogging bottoms and easy to put on t shirts and jumpers. He changes more than I do in a day, I like to change in a day, but Rex changes outfit like five times a day. He has these really cute lime green converses and has mini Nike air trainers. So cute!'

Fearne's Very Autumn Winter 2014 campaign

Grazia Daily: Do you make more effort getting ready if you have a big guest on the show?

'Definitely you make more effort. Say it’s someone really awesome like Miley or Lana you want to look nice. If you present yourself well, you’ll probably do a better show. You don’t want to go wearing a jumper in holes in it and baby food on your trousers – you want to feel good about yourself.

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Grazia Daily: Who is your favourite guest you've had on your show?

'I love having Lana on because we have a really good friendship. I've supported her from the start from before she was signed so we have a really nice trust. I love interviewing her - she's one of those creative souls that doesn't comprimise what she believes in for her art. She always makes what she believes in. She doesn't get involved in the showbiz parties and exposing herself too much and falling out of nightclubs, she just keeps herself to herself and I really respect her for that.'

If you were to do a live lounge what would you sing?

'Oh my god I can't sing so I'd have to rap. It'd be the worst live lounge ever. At the moment I love this track by Vic Mensa called 'Down On My Luck' and I'm dying for someone to cover it, so I'd do that.'

See Fearne's Autumn Winter 2014 Very collection in the gallery below...


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