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EXCLUSIVE: Fashion's New Poster Boy Pharrell Williams On What Makes Him Happy

Everywhere we look in Planet Fashion right now, one face keeps smiling back at us. Pharrell Williams - musician, producer and general all-round polymath - has segued his talents into the world of style, got himself some signature headwear and nabbed countless brand endorsements. From Moncler's sunglasses to a new perfume collaboration with Commes des Garcons, Pharrell is on a fashion roll. In honor of his many achievments, we thought it was an opportune moment to bring you our Q&A with the Blurred Lines superstar...

Pharrell Williams Modelling His Signature Vivienne Westwood Hat

Grazia Daily: Who are you closest to?

Pharrell Williams: Probably my girl [model and designer Helen Lasichanh who Williams married last year] and my family. My mum, my dad, my son, my girl – that’s who I’m closest to.

Grazia Daily: What you earliest memory?

Pharrell Williams: I remember when I was three years old, my grandfather coming into the door of my mom’s apartment. It was when we were living in the projects – just before he died in ’76.

Grazia Daily: What your biggest fear?

Pharrell Williams: I don’t fear as a rule.

Grazia Daily: What is relaxation to you?

Pharrell Williams: Being with the family makes me feel most relaxed.

Pharrell Williams with Wife and 'Bestie' Helen Lasichanh

Grazia Daily: What do you value in a partner?

Pharrell Williams: You mean as in my girl? Oh, well being besties is the most important thing – you have to be best friends.

Grazia Daily: Tell us something that will surprise us about you?

Pharrell Williams: I’m totally obsessed with Einstein’s process of tapping into the ether. He called it thought experiments and I was very surprised to see that it was so similar to the Leonardo di Vinci’s process. It’s like putting a candle on the floor and looking at the light flickering on the celling to zone out –which is a good description of what it’s like when I make music. Oftentimes I’ll go outside walking and it’s the walking that allows me to zone out because my mind starts to wander. It’s the same when I’m taking a shower - the water causes sensory deprivation. It’s the wandering that brings about good ideas for me.

Grazia Daily: Describe the last time you can remember feeling totally happy?

Pharrell Williams: I’ve been totally happy for a few months now- since I turned 40 [this April] actually. I don’t think it was the fact of turning 40; it was just the sequence of events that followed it. It’s been crazy – I mean look at the Moncler collaboration and everything that’s happened this year. I’ve always been thankful, but now I’m thankful and super-happy.

Pharrell Williams Modelling His Signature Vivienne Westwood Hat

Grazia Daily: You are collaborated with Italian outdoor brand Moncler on a sunglasses line. Why did you decide collaborate with the label?

Pharrell Williams: The question is why did they decide to collaborate with me? To be honest they don’t need me, so I think you’re going to have to ask them.

Grazia Daily: What makes a great pair of shades?

Pharrell Williams: These days when it comes to design I’m about silhouette and functionality first. Everything else is like, whatever. I feel like what’s more important – the t-shirt or the big label plastered across it? I know I’m one to talk – with Billionaire Boys Club [premium men’s streetwear brand] we do that logo thing sometimes. But that’s changing. In high fashion it’s all about great silhouettes. Just think about Rei Kawakubo [founder of Comme des Garcons] - she’s a genius. She proves you don’t need to cover your designs in a label, because the silhouette tells you exactly who made it.

Grazia Daily: What’s your biggest regret in life?

Pharrell Williams: Not learning foreign languages in school.

Grazia Daily: What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Pharrell Williams: I think that’s just a little ostentatious to answer that, just because I don’t want to be defined by that - because at the end of the day I can’t take it with me.

Grazia Daily: What item could you not live without?

Pharrell Williams: The only thing I need it time. There isn’t a single thing, as in a possession, that I couldn’t live without.

Grazia Daily: What’s the one thing you would change about your life?

Pharrell Williams: I wouldn’t change a thing.


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