Fashion People Don't Eat, Do They? We Raid Some Of London Fashion's Finest Fridges

23 September 2013

GALLERY>> We raid some of London fashion's finest fridges

Who's fridge is this...?

Giles Deacon

'The fridge at the studio is really an entertainment fridge: sweets, soft drinks and booze. It's a happy fridge, full of treats. It's quite tidy and its contents are usually replaced about twice a week - more so during the run-up to a show. I've never seen anything inedible in the studio fridge and there are never any leftovers.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Model agent Carole White

'I always have caviar, houmous, wine, bacon and M&S raspberry jelly in my fridge. And tomatoes. I have a tomato sandwich for breakfast at work every day.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury

'I'm very particular about my fridge. I need to keep drinks on one side and food on the other. Also in my fridge are eyemasks to help reduce puffiness - my favourite is Guerlain Super Aqua Patches - and a homemade rosewater blend that my mum makes for me.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Designer David Koma

'My fridge is always tidy and organised. I have duplicates of my favourite things. My guilty secret? Damson jam. Lots of it. I buy it in bulk to avoid ever running out. That and Tkemali, a Georgian plum sauce that my gran makes for me.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Designer Emma Cook

'My fridge is quite boring. Left to my own devices, it would be a complete mess, but my husband tidies it. I also keep coffee and Pepto-Bismol in there. Black pudding and HP Sauce are as naughty as it gets.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Max Rendell, model face of Burberry

'You can't go wrong with bacon. Then, of course, alcohol. You can't beat a chilled drink to relax with. I also keep lip balm in there because I hate it when it melts and you pick up more than you bargained for. My guilty secret? A bar of chocolate - and I love leftover reheated pizza and Chinese. Other than that, leftovers are left over for a reason. They're not very nice...'

Who's fridge is this...?!

Designer Peter Jensen

'I always have semi-skimmed milk for custard (for dinner) and hot chocolate (9pm daily). My fridge is tidy. My brain can't take mess so everything has a place and it has to stay there.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Designer - and fridge dresser - Richard Nicholl

'I don't cook much because there are loads of good, cheap eats where I live. My fridge is tiny so I keep it fairly tidy but not obsessively so, alhough I arranged the fruit and veg for the shoot! On top of the fridge I have put some utensils, a plaster baby's head and a Julie Verhoeven painted plate that she gave me, which I love. I keep my eye drops in my fridge and put my face cream in there in the summer to help me wake up in the morning.'

Who's fridge is this...?

Shoe designer Sophia Webster

'Vita Coco water and avocado would be my desert island foods so I always have them in stock. I heard nail polish keeps better stored in the fridge so I'm doing an experiment to see if it's true...'

Who's fridge is this...?

Milliner Stephen Jones

'At the moment my fridge is filled with champagne and party drinks - I'm on holiday. It's always tidy - I organise it in a meticulous way. Yes, I eat leftovers. I love the idea of it, so British and eccentric. I always keep perfume in my fridge, otherwise it goes off. And why not customise your fridge by covering it with wallpaper?'

Who's fridge is this...?

Jewellery designer and taxidermist manque Stephen Webster

'My fridge is always pretty well-stocked. My wife is Russian and I think she still believes that shops may run out of food at any time. But I never eat leftovers because I don't like to look at the same thing twice. I stuffed the seagull myself to deter other seagulls from nesting on my roof.'

Fashion people don't eat do they? Well, yes they do - especially if you count, er, stuffed seagulls. Here's what Grazia discovered when we raided the kitchens of some of London fashion's finest, from Stephen Jones to Peter Jensen.  Giles Deacon likes to style up his melons, Charlotte Tilbury uses hers as a beauty cabinet and David Koma has a weakness for jam. Look inside the fashionable fridges in the gallery above...

Main photos: David Marquez


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