Exclusive! We Speak To Jourdan Dunn About Cooking With Nicole Richie And Jay Z

21 June 2013 by

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You might have noticed that here at Grazia HQ we are a teeny bit obsessed with Jourdan Dunn's cookery show, Well Dunn With Jourdan. So when we sat down for a quick lunch with the supermodel ahead of the Selfridges' Denim Lovers live shoot (we'll bring you more on that later today), we quizzed her about what she's cooking up for the rest of the series.

Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss have stepped into Jourdan's kitchen, but she revealed to us that her next big guest is... drumroll please... Nicole Richie. Ah-mazing, right? Jourdan said: 'The next one we have is Nicole Richie.' She hasn't filmed the episode yet and Jourdan hasn't finalised the menu. She revealed: 'I’ve been searching her favourite things. Do I do healthy or not? But I met her at the Met Ball and she was so cool, easy and down to earth so this is going to be a fun one.' You might remember that the pair walked up the Met steps together with the Topshop crew, as they both wore frocks by the British high street giant. 

Jourds teased us with who will be her final guest this season as she said: 'Then we will have a really big one for the last show. I can’t say who it is, but it’s going to be AMAZING. I can’t believe that person will be in the kitchen!' We whispered 'Beyoncé?!', but Jourdan kept her lips firmly sealed, with not one subtle wink or elbow nudge. 

'I say I want Jay Z and Beyoncé, can we make that happen? I mean it is Jay Z’s show and he is my boss - he should just do it.' We're with you on that one Jourdan. She has never cooked for her master chef Jay, as she said: 'No I’d be so scared. SO scared.' But she has picked out the perfect dish for when she eventually gets the call to cook for the Carters. Jourdan said: 'I know what I’d do for Beyoncé – she is a big fan of friend chicken and my fried chicken is legendary so I would cook that for her. Jay Z would probably have fried chicken as well. I don’t want to think about it, it sounds daunting!'

jourdan dunn, selfridges, denim

Jourdan Dunn backstage at Selfridges' denim event

Jourdan is surprised by the high profile guests she has roped into cook with. But does she get to pick out her cooking companions? 'They ask me who I want and I give a name and I sometimes think I’m going too high and then they get back to me and this person wants to do it.'

As for her dream guest she said it would have to be Gordon Ramsay. She explained: 'I’d like a real chef to see what I’m doing as that would be funny. I would probably do everything wrong and he would be like oh god let me take control.' But if Gordon is busy, she is also up for a Chris Rock cameo.

So while we wait for Nicole Richie's turn in Jourdan's kitchen, let's take a look the best episodes so far, shall we?

Cara Delevingne on Well Dunn With Jourdan

Karlie Kloss on Well Dunn With Jourdan



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