Mollie King's Style Diary: The Saturdays Star On What She Wore To Wimbledon And Meeting Prince Charles

28 June 2013 by

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Prince Charles opening the Marie Curie Hospice in Solihull, Birmingham - Friday

'It was a lovely day, he was obviously the true gentleman. We thought we’d just shake his hand and that would be it, but he was really chatty and said 'oh girls have you got any shows coming up?'  I joked if he wanted a ticket, but he said you’ll have to send me the album. He was really showing an interest in us which was exciting.'

Mollie at Wimbledon - Monday

'It was the first stage so was really fun - I went with my older sister and we got to see good matches. We saw Nadal, Federer and Murray. I think this year is his best chance ever, especially with Nadal and Federer out. I’m so patriotic I’m like come on Murray every year, so fingers crossed! I saw Kim Sears across the crowd and Pippa in the royal box, I didn’t run into her or anything but spotted her!'

Mollie at Wimbledon - Monday

'The suit is by Oasis and I thought I'd go summery before it becomes autumn again. I thought it was going to be really sunny, so it’d be cool to get the legs out, but thank god it was actually a suit because I really did need that blazer!

Wimbledon is traditional you don’t want to be too revealing so this was a good mix as it's fun, but not overstepping the line.'

Mollie walking in Odabash Macdonald Collection Launch - Tuesday

'I was opening and closing the show, so was first to step out onto the catwalk . It’s fun to do something completely different for the day.

I had a vision in my head of in Sex and the City when Carrie walks the catwalk and falls – I was like don’t let that be me!'

I had to have a lesson of how to walk the catwalk. I didn’t realize how much of an art it is, I thought you could walk how you naturally walk. But I had half an hour lesson of how to do it!'

Mollie walking in Odabash Macdonald Collection Launch - Tuesday

'I went to Julien's show at London Fashion Week and am such a huge fan of his and her swimwear is incredible! Julien was so lovely he said I want you to all have fun, I don’t want you to look like bored models. Look like you can smile so I felt more at ease. He is so lovely.'

Mollie walking in Odabash Macdonald Collection Launch - Tuesday

'It was the first time in my life I felt positively short, as I was coming up to all of their arm pits. I’m 5ft. 4 so am a normal height, but I really felt like a child next to them all. It was the weirdest thing.

I didn’t want to go too high so I was tottering. i had to go to that mid-heel length but the moe3lw all wore really high heels as well so I was like 'c’mon guys give me a chance here'. I wanted them to be in a flat ballet pump, but obviously they were in glamorous heels.'

Mollie leaving the ME Hotel - Tuesday

'I'm not going to Glastonbury this year as we're busy with our promotion for the new single – we’re mostly doing TV shows which is always exciting. We are performing at V which I love. We’re performing on a different day to Beyonce so what we will do is perform, get on a bus and go to the other V so we can go and see her. We’re such big fans!'

The Saturday's at Radio One - Thursday

'It’s really weird when one is missing, because you’re so used to being a five. On Thursday we had Rochelle back for the first time - it's so nice not having to make up that 20%. We have to promote our new single so she’s been learning the dance routine at home so it’s nice to have the five of us back together.'

Mollie at Radio One - Thursday

'Whether it was my own line or a collaboration, it’s [designing] definitely something I would like to do at some point. I feel really passionate about it. Through being in the Saturdays I feel like I really know what my style is now, so I could convey that well with a line of my own. But I’m not in a rush to do it.'

Mollie King has had a very stylish week, meeting royalty, hitting Wimbledon, walking in a fashion show and promoting her new single with the Saturdays. You know what that means? Plenty of outfit changes. So Mollie has shared exclusively with us her weekly style diary, where she dishes on what it was like to walk with glamazon models and what Prince Charles said to her.

But it wasn't all about fashion, as we had to ask her about the Mummys in the Saturdays! She said that Frankie is having a baby shower in the next couple of weeks, explaining: 'Her sister is planning it, because they are really close, and is taking the organisation in her hands.' Mollie added: 'She’s doing so well, she’s quite far through the pregnancy she looks great and is really glowing. We’re experienced it with it now, with Una we were like 'right let’s see how everything goes.' Now with the third one we’re pros at maternity leaves and everything.'

 But she's not been appointed as the Saturdays official babysitter just yet. 'I still need to learn so much I didn’t realize how much there was to learn!' she said. 'But I will get roped in at some point I’m sure. I live really close to Frankie so think she’s the most likely to get me.'

But conversation quickly went back to fashion as Mols said: 'I feel like I shop more for babies than I do for myself. It’s so cute seeing all the clothes!' The experienced shopper added: 'It’s so easy to sell things to me - someone will be like you should get this dress which comes with these ballet pumps, and I say if I’m having the dress I have to buy the pumps. I want to buy it all and it’s not even my baby.'

Read about Mollie's superstylish week in the gallery above and don't forget 'Gentleman is out now'...



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