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Hudson Face, Georgia May Jagger Talks About Forming A Band with Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse: EXCLUSIVE

Grazia's Josh Newis-Smith Picking Up Some Modelling Tips From Georgia

Ahead of the launch of the new Hudson campaign last night, Grazia Daily had a jolly good chin wag with the face of the go to denim brand, Georgia May Jagger. Sitting in the plush surroundings of the personal shopping area in Selfridges, Georgia was the definition of chic. Teaming her Hudson jeans with her Chanel bejewelled, chain mail top which took the reveal, conceal trend to the next level, ‘it’s not really a top, it’s more of a necklace, let’s be honest!’ Talk about a ‘CC’ certification! Whilst sipping tea Georgia spoke about why she won’t wardrobe raid her Dad, Mick Jagger, taking modelling tips from her Mum, the divine Jerry Hall (hello coolest parents on the planet alert!) and forming a girl band with Cara Delavigne and Suki Waterhouse.  The reformed Sugababes, MKS, must be quaking in their boots with a supermodel girl band on the horizon.

GRAZIA DAILY: How does it feel to be the face of Hudson again?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: I can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it after three years and now it’s four. It’s kind of weird for me, as it was one of my first jobs. It really feels like Hudson has grown with me as I have grown. It’s the perfect partnership.

GRAZIA DAILY: What advice did your mum (Jerry Hall) give you about modelling?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: She said, just have fun and to not take it too seriously. When I was younger she said, “don’t do it all the time, stay in school Georgia!”  But now she just says to rest every time I go home, she says to me “just tell them you won’t go in tomorrow Georgia.”  I think it worked differently back in her day, as I obviously can’t do that, I have to tell her I have to go into work tomorrow! She has done it all, it doesn’t phase her anymore, so it’s great for me to have that support.

GRAZIA DAILY: What was it like modelling with your Mum?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: She comes in with all of her make-up done. She comes from a different era when you would come in as you were, with your make-up done. Models were shot as they were. She is so funny, I am in the make-up chair and she is ready to get the show on the road.

Georgia's 'CC' Certification: Wearing Chanel Necklace With Hudson Jeans At Last Night's Event

GRAZIA DAILY: Is L’Wren Scott (Mick Jagger’s partner) your go to person for fashion? Is there a future collaboration there?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: She has got it under control herself but she has been giving me lots of stuff recently, I went to her Serpentine party the other day and she gave me this red sequin dress. I don’t usually wear sequins but I really liked it. But usually I don’t feel like I can wear her clothes as I am not womanly enough. I saw Karen Elson, she was wearing a similar dress to me and I felt like a big girl!

GRAZIA DAILY: Would you ever do an Agyness Deyn and follow your Dad into the music industry?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: Is that pulling an Agyness Deyn, is that what its called (laughs)? Not really! I have a few bands on the side, and my country singing career… I am joking! There is a song though, it’s called ‘Hello Dolly’, it’s my only song which me, Cara and Suki have written together. Hopefully a future hit!

GRAZIA DAILY: So are you, Cara and Suki the new Sugababes?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: (Laughs) We haven’t come up with a name yet, my friend suggested the blondes, but obviously Blondie have taken that already. Dance routines included, we should make a music video. But I think Cara will be doing music before me!

GRAZIA DAILY: Would you feature on Cara’s music?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: I could feature on her song…. I will just be playing the triangle and shaking an egg in the corner.

GRAZIA DAILY: What was it like touring with the Rolling Stones when you were younger?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: It was really fun. I just did it a couple of months ago so it was cool to do it again after five years. No one thinks it’s been that long, but then everyone looks at me and realises it’s been ages. I was 15 when everyone last saw me so it’s completely different.

GRAZIA DAILY: Do you take any styling tips from your dad? Do you ever wardrobe raid?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: Tight trousers and lots of eyeshadow! (Laughs) My sister wears his clothes; she has some of his old clothes. But I wouldn’t wardrobe raid as they are the same size and I worry my bum would rip them!

Georgia In The Hudson Autumn/Winter Campaign

GRAZIA DAILY: We love your instagram account! But recently we have noticed a surge in people, girls especially, writing nasty comments on other girl’s photos, especially with people like Rihanna. Does that effect you at all and do you feel there is a circle of girl on girl hate out there at the moment?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: I just wonder why people follow people if they are going to be mean, they can’t be that happy in their life if they are doing that. I can’t imagine doing that! I think girls should just be nice to each other, where is the love?

GRAZIA DAILY: How do you break out of the standard festival, shorts and wellingtons look?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER: That’s really not my vibe. I am all about a coat that you can sit on; I probably look like a tramp at festivals! I am not about fringing, cow girl boots, that kind of Coachella vibe. I just wear something comfortable. I wear something fun, but something I am not worried about losing.

We interviewed Georgia May Jagger at the new Selfridges Denim Department, on the third floor.


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