EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green On Her New Shoe Collection And Dressing Marc Anthony

11 April 2013 by

This morning Grazia Daily caught up with our favourite high street heiress, Chloe Green to get a preview of her new CJG collection. Looking every inch the chic designer in her Tom Ford sunglasses Chloe talked about her summer hotspot inspirations, breaking America, Cara Delevingne's style and dressing her new boyfriend Marc Anthony.

Grazia Daily: What's new for your third CJG collection?
Chloe Green: I've just been getting to know my customer more and more. Looking at the sales really helps drive the direction. For instance the wedge style sold really well so we were able to repeat that. There's a flat sandal and sneaker in the collection too.

Grazia Daily: Where do you look to for inspiration?
Chloe Green: Having travelled the world and knowing where the cool summer spots are, like Ibiza or Mykonos and St Tropez, and seeing what people wear on a day to day basis is inspiring. They want those shoes that you could wear in the day but they might not have time to change so can they go to a club in them. I've kept every collection very me. So it's what I want to wear or what I can't find out there. I'm always looking for something that is comfortable and that has a slight embellishment. It always goes back to me and my friends and what we talk about.

Grazia Daily: How would you describe your style?
Chloe Green: Everyone always says I'm like a rock chick. I'm all about easy style and I always accessorise. And I always mix a bit if high street with designer or vice versa.

Grazia Daily: Who do you look to for advice on your collection?
Chloe Green: Nicole Scherzinger has been great. She saw my collection and loved it and wanted to wear my shoes. Nicole Richie has been really supportive. If people don't like it they are going to say something about it so it's just so amazing to have had such great feedback. Like Demi Lovato told me she likes my shoes and I was like, 'You don't just have to say that.' But she said she loved them because they are so comfortable. I've been really lucky and I just hope this collection will be as successful as the others.

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green On Her New Shoe Collection And Dressing Marc Anthony

Chloe's summer style

Grazia Daily: What are your top tips for summer dressing?
Chloe Green: This summer I'm really into denim. Denim shirts or just jeans, you just can't go wrong. I think you should also have a little floaty skirt that works with a simple tank. You always need to finish it off with some great shoes just in case. A great bikini is really key. I'm not a fan of tan lines so bandeau styles are always the best choice. I'm a big Eres fan when it comes to swimwear because they've mastered that perfect cut. This season I love body chains to wear with bikinis but I haven't found the right one yet.

Grazia Daily: What are your top tips for holiday packing?
Chloe Green: When girls think about going on holiday they always overpack. Realistically you won't be wearing shoes in the day so two or three pairs of good heels should be enough for two weeks. I think the less options you give yourself, the better. It's so much quicker when you don't have so many outfits to try on - why take three hours to dress up when it's hot outside? Me and my girlfriends are the kind if girls who just put their hair up in a bun and throw a maxi on. It's all about taking it back and making it simple.

Grazia Daily: What about your top summer beauty tips?
Chloe Green: I'm not really a big fan of makeup. I like a bit of shimmer on the cheeks for evening because in the day you are working on your tan all day long so you don't need makeup. So you need a lot of after sun and a lot of Aloe Vera! Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream has saved me on many occasions. Because you know us girls do silly things like maybe using a little oil when your skin is quite sensitive but you think you can bake for another hour... I also use lemon in my hair to lighten it naturally. But really all you need is a good moisturiser, a bit of shimmer, lip gloss and a slick of mascara and you're done.

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green On Her New Shoe Collection And Dressing Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Chloe Green at Disneyland in February

Grazia Daily: Has your new relationship with Marc Anthony changed your style at all?
Chloe Green: No. I am who I am when it comes to my style.

Grazia Daily: And what about your boyfriend's clothes, do you ever advise?
Chloe Green: Well you get the odd question of 'Do you like what I'm wearing?' and I'm like, 'No not really'. Then he says, 'How would you wear it?'. I'll then say, 'Make it a but cooler - wear it with some trainers and a T-shirt.' He's then, 'Ok, I'm not sure but if you like it, I like it.' In general I have a problem when men take longer than you to get ready. I get ready quicker than my brother so that's already a problem. It's definitely something that needs to change in my life!

Grazia Daily: Cara Delevingne has almost become an unofficial ambassador for Topshop as she's worn so many pieces this season. What do you think of her style?  
Chloe Green: I really like the way Cara puts things together. It's really effortless and she doesn't care what people think of her. I have a lot if respect for her because whatever she does she always stays true to herself. At the end of the day she's a massive, massive model but whenever I've met her she's been so sweet. She's someone that with all the madness around her can still walk out the door confidently wearing a crop top and jeans with a massive jacket.

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green On Her New Shoe Collection And Dressing Marc Anthony

Chloe on Made In Chelsea

Grazia Daily: As an a former member of the Made in Chelsea posse have you been watching the new series?
Chloe Green: No! I know nothing about what's going on! Since I left the show I've been so focused on my shoes I just haven't watched it. My Monday nights just haven't been the same!

Grazia Daily: Do you see any of the MIC crew?
Chloe Green: No I haven't seen anyone. I'm mean since I left the show everyone's lives have gone in different directions. Millie's getting married, and Hugh's got his projects so I haven't seen anyone at all.

Grazia Daily: What can we expect from you in 2013?
Chloe Green: America's going to be my biggest challenge. You know I love the states, the weather and the lifestyle. Opening Topshop on Valentine's Day (in LA) was amazing. I thought no one would know who I was but people were coming up to me and saying 'Made in Chelsea has been airing in America' and 'I love your shoes'. People have been so welcoming, it's really overwhelming. For 2013 I want to establish CJG as a brand and work out which direction I want to take it - into clothes or bags for example. Or nails. I love nails so perhaps I might want to develop that. There are so many possibilities as soon as you have developed your brand.

Grazia Daily: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Chloe Green: I mean, my dad's still based here in London and he wants my brother and I to have a big interest in the company. I want to travel and get to know the business from a global perspective. London's always going to be London but I want to travel and meet new people and establish myself. For sure I see a family in the future. One thousand percent. But you can't put a time to that. I mean I could just sit back and feel that I've done it now and settle down and have a baby, but I don't feel that I've accomplished enough of my goals to be able to do that. But you know family will definitely happen. My dad more than anyone loves kids with my little nieces and nephews he's always the first to get in his hands and knee or jump into the pool to play with them.


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