Dungarees: Would You, Should You, Could You?

11 December 2012 by

As the chic-est dungarees we’ve ever seen touch down instore in Zara this month - see the gallery image above - the Grazia fashion team are split down the middle on whether to dunga-do or dunga-don’t. If you want the full story, head down to your newsagents and pick up a copy of this week’s brand spanking new mag. Until then we leave you with our vehemently opposed positions on the dungaree debate – we’d love to hear how you feel about the humble overall, so let us know your thoughts below!


Fashion often does a good job at persuading us to wear some pretty ridiculous looks – and over the years I’ve been more than complicit in promoting some pretty out there trends. But everyone has their breaking point and dungarees are most definitely mine.

Aside from the obvious bizarro infantile associations, it’s the seriously unflattering cut of dungaree that really get me. Unless you are actually Alexa Chung (or ok someone who is pushing six ft. and preternaturally lithe), dungarees will doubtless make you look bigger than you are. The term ‘sexy dungarees’ make me want to genuinely LOL for its oxymoronic perfection…. and lest I need to give you anymore discouragement, the following references should cure you of any dungaree considerations. Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy. The Waltons. Heidi Klum’s fashion sense. Need. I. Say. Any. More?


Despite the many gopping fashion references one can find to justify never even being in the same room as a pair of dungarees, I’ve always had a little soft spot for the utility onesie. In fact, I have a fondness for all nostalgic fashions from my childhood, so it’s no surprise that the marmite of the jumpsuit world can happily sit alongside my unwavering want for tartan trousers (something I was V keen on aged 11) and flamenco frills (all stemming from a desire/strop over a genuine dancer’s dress while enjoying a family fiesta in Marbella). As a total shortie, and not a slip of one at that, I can find dungarees surprisingly flattering – especially when they’re of the chic, streamlined kind from Zara and 3.1. Phillip Lim. As a one-piece doesn’t break up your body you can look longer. And if they aren’t too TLC in the baggy-department and not worn scrunched down with Timberland boots, you can be onto a winner.  So I’ll wear mine with heels, turn up the hems for a little ankle flash and make sure that my waist is defined underneath. I’ve worn one particular vintage polka dot pair so much that a certain industry PR gets upset when I don’t don a dungaree them to see her. Unless she just likes a laugh at my onesie expense…


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