Does Serial Dater Taylor Swift Match Her Style To Her Boyfriend?

19 November 2012 by

If we could bottle Taylor Swift's girlfriend appeal and sell it we'd be very rich women indeed. It's not the quantity of boyfriends that the country music star has acquired over the last four years (although six is a pretty impressive number) but the quality. All of her rumoured former squeezes have been A-list actors, best-selling musicians or socialites related to former American Presidents. Now the pop star appears to have pulled off the ultimate boyf coup and bagged herself one of the world’s most lusted after bachelors, curly haired lothario Harry Styles.

Part of us is devastated that Harry isn't dating Cara Delevingne, but we've got to give Taylor props for capturing Hazza's heart. She and the 1D star are thought to have got together earlier this year before the he was spotted snogging another girl. Since then Taylor had a little summer romance with Conor Kennedy and Harry pursued and wooed Cara. But with the catwalk star spotted hanging out with Justin Bieber at the Victoria's Secret show earlier this month it was only a matter of time before Harry made his next move.

Sources backstage at The X Factor US, where Taylor performed last week, saw the new couple holding hands and flirting. And it wasn't just body language that made us think that Taylor is smitten, her latest style transformation speaks volumes. She wore skinny trousers, flat shoes and a trilby – a look that’s way more in keeping with Harry’s casual London style than her usual sparkly stage costumes – and not that dissimilar to an outfit worn by his ex Cara either. When the singer dated Conor Kennedy her retro 1950s makeover was the talk of Grazia HQ, but it seems that wasn’t the only Swift (geddit) relationship when she matched her look to her man.

Scroll through the gallery to see Taylor Swift’s relationship makeovers >>

GALLERY >> Taylor Swift's style and relationship evolution

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

The boyfriend: Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers
The relationship: Lasted from July to October 2008
The look: Homecoming Queen 
The dress code: Girly dresses, sequins and tulle skirts. Give the girl a corsage and she'd be ready for prom.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

The boyfriend: Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner
The relationship: Lasted from October to December 2009 
The look: Sporty Chic 
The dress code: Sure the little red shorts may have been part of the couple's wardrobe for the film 'Valentine's Day', but the muted matching grey marls are all Taylor's own styling.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer

The boyfriend: Musician John Mayer 
The relationship: Lasted from late 2009 until early 2010 
The look: Sex Kitten 
The dress code: When you're dating 'The Player' you've got to turn up The Sex Factor. Tay Tay's sparkly number is tres Mariah Carey, but she certainly looks relaxed in the role of blonde bombshell.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

The boyfriend: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal 
The relationship: Lasted from October to December 2010 
The look: Low-Key 
The dress code: From a man who likes to flaunt his lovers to one of Hollywood's most private bachelors. When Taylor spent some down time with Jake and his sister Maggie she stuck to their style rules: navy and knitwear.

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

The boyfriend: Conor Kennedy 
The relationship: Lasted from July to September 2012 
The look: Vintage Vixen 
The dress code: What better way to ingratiate yourself with one of America's most historically famous families than with a 1950s makeover? [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/10/02/is-taylor-swifts-relationship-with-conor-kennedy-x-a-1950s-style-x.htm">Taylor's retro transformation[/a] was the talk of Grazia HQ, but unfortunately the couple's summer romance wasn't able to go the distance...

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The (rumoured) boyfriend: One Direction singer Harry Styles
The relationship: The pair apparently had a fling in April this year, but according to sources who saw them together backstage at The X Factor US things are heating up again. 
The look: Haute Hipster 
The dress code: Taylor's finally ditched the prom dresses for a far edgier look. Could it be inspired by another of Harry's rumoured former girlfriends, model Cara Delevingne? Performing on The X Factor the singer wore leggings, flats and a trilby - now where've we seen that before?


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