Do YOU Make More Effort On A Monday? Here's Grazia HQ's Work Wear Formula

24 March 2014 by

Appaz a poll undertaken by Debenhams has discovered that women in our fair country make the most effort when it comes to work wear on Mondays. According to the survey after Monday, as the week progresses, ladies become increasingly casual when it comes to their clothing choices.

The report states that 74 percent of the ladies questioned chose smart or formal outfits to kick the week off, as if they are preparing to battle, to take on all the challenges the office will throw at them- talk about tackling the urban jungle! There is nothing wrong with a fierce suit after all or a Maggie Thatcher inspired ensemble for that matter- now that is totally Monday appropriate! Side note: lets make #maggieMondays happen people!

Formal attire apparently goes out of the window on the Wednesday ‘hump day’ as effort levels hit a low of 53 percent. However after woeful Wednesday post work drinks creep into the social schedule and as the survey suggests, with the need for a day to night outfit, the working girl lets snazzier separates creep into the work wardrobe. With that in mind the poll suggest that women put their fashion foot back on the accelerator and the effort gauge goes back up to 70 percent.

By Friday, the survey suggests, women slump to an effort level of 43 percent as ‘casual Friday’ hits. We don’t know a thing about casual Friday, it’s a bit of an urban myth to us but apparently it’s when formal fashions are ditched in corporate offices in favour of more laid back ensembles. It's a tradition mostly observed in places where calculators are more common place than nail files, or so we are told!

As you read this look around your office, do you spot more of your colleagues making more considered clothing choices to the ones they made on Friday? We wondered the same thing so we snapped our team to see if we really do make more effort on Mondays. Our findings suggest that we opt for ‘half jazzy’ outfits on Mondays, with either a bold top or bottom with a more neutral separate thrown into the mix.

Take a look at the gallery above to discover our fashion findings. Heigh ho, heigh ho, its off to work we go...


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